Remember poor old Rodney King down in LA? That started a riot of epic proportions that Los Angelites will long remember. The plaint was to quell the populace and coax Pandora back into her box if at all possible.

In this context, I ask it of Gilead Sciences Inc.  and  Bristol-Myers Squibb. The two drug giants have both come close to kicking ass and taking names on HCV. It won’t help some of us but there may be many who will heal. The problem is that Gilead’s kids and the B-MS youngsters can’t seem to all play in the same sandbox.  B-MS is willing but Gilead will not be rolled. I think there’s too much testosterone in the room and Gilead is convinced theirs is the better product. Collaboration is not for discussion. There’s simply too much money on the table and greed is more important than lives.

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Perhaps this ad came out  in anticipation of the problem about how to divvy up the pot. So, as usual, the little guys get the short straw. By the time they agree on collusion, another 100,000 of us will go down the tubes. Smokin’!

Ed. note: This is the one. This is the koolaid without Interferon. Used in conjugation with Ribavirin, it is an oral pill rather than injection. 12 and 16 week course to SVR.  No more going blind, coming down with thyroid problems, DM2 and fibromyalgia. Pending FDA approval, Gilead’s will be out in 2014. It would be nice to get them together, but in the interim, I’ll take the next bus and it happens to be Gilead solo.

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  1. Cam Oneill says:

    SOS Stamp Out the Silence&&&&The Year for the Cure$$$$Go for the Goal:-):-):-)

  2. Kiedove says:

    Well, I signed it since it goes directly to the WH. The registration was easy. I like the reminder that the right to petition is a protected right.

  3. Silvia Price says:

    Think about it. If they cure you then there will be no need for more of their drugs.

    • asknod says:

      If I kicked this thing, I could die happy. 63% chance of success with 3A. I’m willing to risk it. If I lose, I wouldn’t be unhappy because I tried. VA won’t have this for another 5 years.

    • RobertG says:

      Good point. Would this cure those with full blown cirrhosis and cancer from previous alpha interferon 2b injections that didn’t work for me? It’s like finding a cure for Jerry’s kids which has become a business of begging. What’s the rush?

  4. hepsick says:

    There was over 2o thousand that signed but all the signatures were lost, and this is a new petition.

  5. RobertG says:

    The two big pharmaceutical companies have yet to take the final step together to get this cure to market. Each has unsuccessfully tried to replicate the other’s matching drug rather than working together on what is sure to work best. Bristol Myers-Squibb is eager to work with Gilead, but Gilead is not interested. Dr. Douglas J. Manion, a senior vice president for Bristol-Myers, said his company was “keen” on working with Gilead but “thus far, they have been unwilling to engage in that collaboration.”
    Money hungry? I want it all or nothing? These big baby’s should be ashamed of themselves. I looked and saw 639 signatures so far. 100,000 needed to put on obamas desk. “Incentives” are needed or tax payer money to bribe or lessen their tax burdens to cooperate. Miracle cure or just another shakedown?

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