Here’s an eye opener for all of us. It won’t help with your claims but might explain why no one answers or the landline has been disconnected when you call one of your war buddies.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Robert, it looks like Vietnam vet deaths will keep climbing until about 2031 and then drop since there are fewer vets left to die The chart doesn’t show us how fast the remaining vets be all gone.
    These charts show why some VA hospitals are going to be closed due to future over-capacity in some areas. They are projecting fewer troops employed. They’ll allocate monies to where the greatest need is with rural populations getting clinics.
    They shouldn’t close VA hospitals in rural areas, but allow military family to get care and use their Medicare, or use private insurance there instead. .That would save the government money since the VA can deliver care cheaper than the Medicare system. .

  2. RobertG says:

    So by 2036 all Vietnam era veterans will be dead? And this study is 13 years old as the base start is Y2K 2000? I never believe anything the vA puts into writing since they lie and skew the truth. I do not want to be here in 2036 anyway. So count me in…

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