A member who wishes to remain anonymous asked me to publish this. Since I am in one of the two new states who recognize the right to do this recreationally, I think it bears discussion. I make no recommendations pro or con on this so please do not read any into it.

Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access (VMMA?) has a website on this subject here. It appears they have changed their name to Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access or VMCA.  I had no idea. In addition, they have been pestering the VA for some form of position paper on it. This is intriguing.

Since I report and you decide, I’d appreciate some input here. Some may not wish to use their names. Therefore I have chosen our venerable friend the anonymous poll to harvest the info. It requires no ID, is not a info collection device and I disable all the cookies that usually inhabit most of these things. Actually, I do it on all my polls. None has ever had a tracking cookie on it. It allows you to vote Chicago style. Unlike the VA, I trust you all. Well, everybody but member Kel who likes to stuff the ballot box. Inquiring minds need to know.

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  1. KC says:

    Hey- I only voted once. Promise. Even though I am a proponent of MMJ. Once all other states as well as the fed gov sees the money WA and CO are raking in, they’ll be all in. I can say that is it is effective for many, many folks. Research shows it effective for PTSD as well.

    • Kiedove says:

      I’ve read that PSTD can be helped with MM too. I’m in favor of regulation and MM for pain. And while I worry about it being sold to underage kids, the truth is they experiment away and if caught often end up in the justice system.

      • KC says:

        I dont think it will be any more available to kids then alcohol has always been. Kids today are smarter then my generation was about drugs. (generally speaking)

  2. randy says:

    Uh, what was the question again?

  3. david j murphy says:

    This comment from left field. I have a good friend, fellow disabled vet who has major PTSD problems from gulf one. THC has a major positive effect on his problems. I see this firsthand every day. While I am not a user I see the results. This man spoke to his va shrink about a script for THC. While warning him that this was illegal and VA had no data on medical use yet, doc was shaking the head in that yes motion. It does have some positive effect as long they aren’t getting pie eyed from overuse they need to let them be.

  4. RobertG says:

    If THC shows up in any blood test you are flagged immediately. It bodes worse if you are on oxycontin methadone or fentanyl by Rx from your friendly vA witch doctor in residence. Over the years I am now up to 360 Rx pain killers monthly not counting the patches every 72 hrs to seal the deal. Would medical marijuana do me more damage? Would it pound my liver into pate just for shits and grins? Remember the ole saying ” if you want to get along you must go along” for the ride the Va way? I do not smoke but take a shitload of pills daily. My disease will kill me no matter what I take for pain. I have conferred with my old buds the fabulous furry freak brothers. They insist the govt wants me dead. Who should I believe?

    • RobertG says:

      One other thought about “other” self medications. Lloyd Wright has a progressed to selling many non FDA approved treatments for HCV. I have no take on what NOD thinks of his stuff. Try alternativemedicinesolution.com Lloyd shares symptoms I have and he has a short clip about how IFN destroys Thyroids and opens the door to cancers and tumors/cysts in the body. I have all these and more BUT his stuff is to expensive for me. Maybe I had a shot back when I was diagnosed in 1995 but I am now running out of life to be a test dummy. Good luck to those who can afford/try these treatments…

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