My VA doctor opted to put me on Despondex  Monday. Apparently I was waaaay too cheerful and ebullient. I had no idea. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Cupcake was unwilling to point this out for fear I would simply brush it off in my typical upbeat way.

People with HCV have no right to be happy. My doctors tell me I’m supposed to be depressed and morose. I had no idea. It seems having a terminal illness is no reason to exude hope to others. I’m on it now- literally. Hopefully, I’ll be able to report back soon and be weepy and distracted as I should be. Until then, bear with me.

desApparently the Fuckitol prescription I have been on for the last five years has not been helpful and caused a lot of grief for others by instilling false hope that they might be able to prevail at the VA. I apologize for that. Despondex will hopefully strike the right balance between depression and moroseness needed to help others see the hopelessness of filing VA claims.

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3 Responses to DESPONDEX

  1. randy says:

    Then when you get nice and depressed they can make you an appointment with the shrink 6-10 months down the road.

  2. KC says:

    Hmm… well Fuckitol seems to be working ok for me at the moment. /:

  3. RobertG says:

    Yea fuckitol gave me the squirts waiting for my appointments at my VAMC. I will try this since I need no Rx and it might cheer me up waiting for my BVA decisions…

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