Where did your VSO come from?

Most VSO’s are chartered by Congress.  (You should know you are in trouble if it has anything to do with congress.  I am still smarting from the fiscal cliff, and not sure we have not fallen off it yet)

According to the DAV’s director in 2008, this is where the DAV “comes from”.    Before I begin, let me remind you there are many, many VSO’s who have helped many a Veteran obtain his benefits and do a fine job.

However, I wonder if your VSO hopes we wont  read Sec. 50302.   Too late, one section follows:

50302. Purposes

The purposes of the corporation (DAV) are-

(1) to uphold and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States;

(2) to realize the true American ideals and aims for which those eligible to membership fought;

(3) to advance the interests, and work for the betterment, of all wounded, injured, and disabled American veterans;

(4) to cooperate with the Department of Veterans Affairs and all other public and private agencies devoted to the cause of improving and advancing the condition, health, and interests of all wounded, injured, and disabled veterans;

(5) to stimulate a feeling of mutual devotion, helpfulness, and comradeship among all wounded, injured, and disabled veterans;

(6) to serve our comrades, our communities, and our country; and

(7) to encourage in all people that spirit of understanding which will guard against future wars.

This is “troubling”, especially item number 4, above.  The DAV “advances the interests” for disabled Vets but “cooperates with the VA“.    You see, this “makes the assumption” that VA “interests” and disabled Veterans “interests” are one in the same.  (The VA calls themselves a “nonadversarial” system).

Vets, however, rarely suffer such a delusion.   We know well that the 600 or so lawyers who work for the VA do not sit around and think up ways to help us get our benefits, explaining to the judge just how much we deserve them.   Instead, many of us reading this are doing so, in the likelyhood that the VA has already (unjustifiably) denied our benefits.

Thus, the dilemma:    WE ask a “VSO” to help us with our claim, who has promised to “cooperate” with our adversary (the VA).   I’m “not buying” this “nonadversarial” horse puckey one iota.      In short, the DAV is “sleeping with the enemy”…who chooses to call himself our friend…this is the worst kind of enemy!    You need to remember that your VSO “pledged allegiance” to your adversary!

The next time your VSO tells you something like:

Zero percent is a good rating..this means you get free health care and you can ask for an increase later

30% is not a bad rating even tho you can not work…don’t bother appealing it as you will clog up the system…get used to supporting your family on $400 per month“.

10 years to get your benefits isn’t so bad, after all, you will get retro.  Nevermind you lost your home in the interim and wont be getting any interest, and nevermind that Social Security completes claims in 120 days.  The VA is a more complex system, so it should take the VA longer”

…….Just remember “who” your VSO is cooperating with, and it may not be YOU.

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1 Response to Where did your VSO come from?

  1. azeejensmom says:

    List everything from a hangnail to a headache, that is what the VSO told my Veteran almost 10 years ago to the day. Include the real stuff too by the way, it’s like throwing rice into the air at a wedding, some lands on guests, gets brushed off and, some lands on the ground and crushed.

    The more issues on the claim, the better chance of having “something” come back service connected, no way. Stick to the meat of the claim as NOD says, the rest will fall in place.

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