Just in from Squidley. This is priceless. After getting the proverbial bitchslap for ten years and throwing down the gauntlet repeatedly, Congress is shocked that VA has not come clean. Why should they when they feel they have diplomatic immunity? Hell, they can get 20 parking tickets and 100 DUIs with no prospect of retaliation. At least that’s what has transpired over the years. Why else would they continue to stonewall?

Here’s another take on it from Stars and Stripes

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  1. HCVet says:

    LOVE IT!….quote: “No, no, no, no,” Miller said, his voice rising. “Don’t you ever accuse a Democrat or a Republican on this committee of slapping any of the hardworking 300,000 VA employees. Rest assured, it’s the leadership that we’re concerned with.”

    I think they’ve read your blog NOD…. Bye Bye Eric:)

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