I do hope that puppy’s for sale. I love happy endings. This one has all of it.

Vet is told he has pancreatitis (minor, initial workup). Veteran decides to go off the reservation in a big way and enter into major drug abuse to drown his sorrows.

Veteran then calls up the vA and blames it (drug abuse) all on someone telling him that he had pancreatic cancer but that they confused him with another who actually did. So the new life of drug abuse is all vA’s fault. We assume he now seeks remuneration for it.

Meanwhile OIG turns up nothing. No messed up diagnosis. Not even a case of pancreatic cancer on the floor for years. Questions ensue. Every attempt to contact the Veteran and clear up the misunderstanding is met with silence and no return of mail inquiries.

Case closed. Will be reopened if Vet ever calls back or comes back into the VHA system. It’s always a good feeling knowing the Koncerned Keystoned Kops are on it.

810 Vermin Ave.’s finest

Onward through the fog. One Vet at a time.  Hold the presses. This just in!!!

Vet tampers with DD214 and attempts to get money.

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