Throw the VA a “penalty flag”.

You have probably seen the Southwest Airlines Commercials.  They “throw the penalty flag” when competing airlines try to charge customers “bag fees”.

I suggest you likewise “throw the penalty flag” if the VA tries any of these things with you, also.  The VA is not allowed to tackle you with a face mask violation, but don’t be surprised if they try it.

The guys in the striped shirts (the CAVC judges) will throw the penalty flag if the VA tries any of these VA shenanigans to deny you, BUT, have to report this to the judges and ask for a “replay”.  (Appeal)   You are not limited to 2 replays per game.

1.  Do not allow the BVA judges to EVEN “subtly” substitute their own medical opinion for that of a doctor.

2.  Do not allow the VA to interpret your claim too narrowly.

3.  When the Doc says something is “unclear” that does not mean it can be denied, it means the medical opinion needs clarified.    This assumes the worst for the Veteran!

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