Here for all the members who have pestered me to go political is my one concession. You may vote to your heart’s content and I have no opinion officially. As usual, Chicago voting is permitted. Stuff the box to your heart’s content. Invite your dead parents over to vote. Channel 35,000 year old warriors named Ramtha and allow them to vote. Vote early and often. Vote for the chucklehead of your choice-but vote. Exercise your right as an American.


I love America.

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  1. KC says:

    Just checkin’ to see if you were home. It gets lonely out here. 🙂

  2. KC says:

    ‘Barrack’ Obama is ‘Brock’ Obama’s older brother. Not sure if they are related to President ‘Barack” Obama. LOL

  3. Vote early vote often is my favorite saying! I say it all the time, even out of context, and sonetimes I sub in other words.

    • KC says:

      Just vote! 🙂

    • asknod says:

      What’s truly amazing is that you do not live in Chicago and like the phrase. This morning, in spite of the fact that there have only been 97 visitors to my site, I find someone has voted 167 times for our incumbent commander in chief in less than two hours. That is more votes cumulatively than any other poll I have ever put up here.

      Of note, en route to an appointment the other day, I noticed a fairly new 2011 (?) Lexus passing me with a virtually brand new, old (2008) Obama/Biden bumper sticker on it. I wonder if they are related? Not wishing to cast aspersions on anyone’s political beliefs, I remain neutral on this subject. I merely observe and comment.

      • KC says:

        Lexus? Do you suppose the ILP man got his bonus?

        (btw… the Chicago voting style was me, sir. Just messin’ wit cha.)

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