This will make you wonder about why it takes so long and so many of us get the lowball. vA needs your money for everything BUT Vets. Sorry Virginia, but Santa won’t be here under the overpass this Christmas. He has far more important people to remunerate who only make a pittance of, say, $115 K a year. You can understand, right? Perhaps next year when things settle down and the economy brightens. Pray for hope and change, Virginia.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    My DH got one of those 2006 VA letters about the security breach that put his information at risk.
    So here we are, 6 years and 5.1 years later, and very little has been done to remedy this? And there are hundreds of thousands of unprotected VA laptops floating around?
    This is bad.

  2. OIT is not the only part of the VA where this is happening, according to congress:

    Both parties agree that the VA is lacking in leadership, noting Bob Filner’s comments.

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