As the HR honcho queried, ” Have you had a good time? Is this the best conference ever? Yeaaaaah!” For $5 million US, it better have been. The Under Secretary for Karaoke  Allison Hickey was even there. Absent from the video was any mention of whether anything was actually accomplished. Watch as your compensation and pension denials are carefully rolled over and compounded with cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres. Witness the stunning shift in Veterans Benefits from Veterans to vA employees. Listen to testimonials from breathless VA employees as they recount memorable “networking ” experiences at SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

Many would be quick to denigrate the hard work of our tireless HR workers at vA . Who could have known there were so many employed solely towards the endeavor of trying to hire others for this hard-working agency? The sheer numbers of them boggles the imagination. I wish to thank member Squidley (who wasn’t invited) for sharing this with us. I have asked him to keep his eyes peeled for the other 53 videos delivered to Congress. If they are as delightful and brimming with happy vA employees as this one was, we will sleep well knowing our benefits program is in good hands. It takes the wonder out trying to determine why we get a 20% rating for HCV or DM2 and they get the helicopter ride with the golf package.

Happy vA employees cost money. Surely Vets everywhere can comprehend the need for happiness. Channeling Michael Jackson costs money too. Developing videos to encourage others to become vA employees is a noble endeavor. Never forget it.




I look forward to viewing the video showing the homeless women Vets out in back of the Marriott World Center line dancing and picking through the dumpsters singing Just Beat It in sync with the amazing HR Karaoke Krewe.  Surely they filmed that, too? An interesting choice of song for an HR conference. Feel free to add some new lyrics below. Perhaps vA will be able to incorporate them in next years’s videos.

* VACO= vA Central Office (810 Vermin Ave, NW DC)

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  1. RS says:

    I wonder how it is that the VA feels they are exclusively and presumptively imbued with the ability (and qualifications) to strictly oversee fiduciary responsibility of not only VA funds for those Vets determined incompetent…but also Social Security funds for them as well…when they are not even qualified as an agency to provide fiduciary stewardship of taxpayer money earmarked for veterans???

  2. Let me get this straight….A million Veterans in a waiting list for benefits…many will wait 4 or more years in appeals…Tens of thousands of homeless Vets…17 Vet suicides per day…and the VA’s response? A 5 million dollar party blowing tens of thousands of dollars on videos……
    ……And the VA wonders why Vets are angry??????

    Does anyone else see a leadership problem here????

  3. asknod says:

    Here’s the complete article sans the riding crop rejoinder from B/Gen. Hickey.

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