Trust Squidley to cut the Gordian knot. I think I might have solved the second half of getting in. It seems you need to do this in a particular order. First pull up the BVA site and then go to the tools function and pull up you browser history. Erase it all. Cookies, everything. When its clean go directly back to the bva site and click on a decision. It should work.  I use Google Chrome and I’ve done it twice today. If I close the BVA tab and try to reopen it, it goes to page not found. A browser scrub and it’s back.

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  1. randy says:

    When I asked for clarification, from, they said that the site was down and they had no infrmation as to when it could be accessed. Hmmmmmm, hate the smell of this even when warmed and served with honey butter.

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