In keeping with my frequent filer habits and being fearful that those poor souls down to the  Seattle VARO VR&E section have nothing to read in the library, I took pity on them and gave them an opportunity to exercise their brain muscle.

Mr. Kris, my VR&E guy, who’d vocabulary has a lot of negatives in it consisting of “Denied”, will get ample finger exercise on Adobe Acrobat shortly. I’ve already been denied the greenhouse but the last time he called, the synopsis was “Sure. Send it on in. We’ll run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it.”

Failing a grant, the next step is back up to the BVA hacienda at 810 Vermin Ave. NW. I think I made my case. In any event, the important thing is that it teaches all of you the parameters and how to scale the walls. If they gave me a computer, why not you? Admittedly, a greenhouse seems like so much more, but financially it’s probably less than what Santaseki delivered this July. Check it out. I apologize for being so wordy but its necessary when you deal with these bozos.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Your very locally-produced, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are probably going to keep your body much stronger than the crappy not-fresh alternatives in most supermarkets. The pleasure of contributing surplus organic food to the community is also a strong argument in favor of the greenhouse. If you have county fairs in your area, do you ever enter your produce for judging? That’s something many gardeners look forward to.
    Our diet is 90 % plant-based but we can’t often afford the organic or heirloom varieties offered in the supermarket. We do buy cage-free, vegetarian-fed eggs. Well worth the extra 25 cents per egg. Happier chickens, better nutrition, morally right.
    Also, local foods cut back on greenhouse gases. With gasoline price increases come food price increases. Do we really want to send more money to the Middle East? Greenhouses are a GREAT idea–for personal health, the environment, and independence! You are committed to
    raising, consuming, and sharing healthy food. Furthermore, you educate veterans–via this site– about gardening and the importance of eating fresh foods. VA ILP, what’s not to like with here?

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