Wichita Falls, also known as Cowtown, also known as the Air Capitol of the world, has a vA problem. According to Asst. Inspector General Linda A. Halladay, the RO is sorely in need of training. Personnel are also not hitting their mark of 98% accuracy yet. Of course they probably aren’t paperless and hitting 125 day ratings either. So what else is new. Chances are they aren’t doing as poorly as Los Angeles, Wacko, and Oakland but they are still far short of a professional claims outfit. Maybe its time to get rid of the HAL9000 M 21 disaster and bring common sense into the process. If the screw head is stripped, you don’t get out a 28 oz. framing hammer and send it home. vA hasn’t quite absorbed that concept yet. BVA decisions computer on the fritz? Unplug it. Mission accomplished.

Here’s the report card. I say “F” and summer school but its too late for that. Make them repeat the same grade and no bonuses for a year. 36 out of 71 claims wrong? Ouch. That’s a whopping 51% error rate. It’s obvious they aren’t buying their tobacco in Muskogee.

Okay. All you raters. Up against the Wall, pronto.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Page 1: “We were unable to review claims involving Gulf War veterans’ entitlement to medical treatment for mental disorders because the one claim completed during the period from October through December 2011 was unavailable for review at the time of our inspection”

    One claim done? And it’s not available? Must have sent it to Winston-Salem or someone took it home.

    Only one part-time homeless outreach person for all of Witchita?
    Weak response to an awful RO.

    And yeah, when are the BVA claims coming online?

  2. Leigh & Paul says:

    Hey we where told 500.08 days only about 480.08 to go for DRO hearing

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