VA solves backlog problem before election

Yep.  They did it, after all.   The VA now has an answer to how to solve the backlog problem.

No long analysis needed.  It works.

So, how do you get a quicker wait time?   One word.


That’s it.  Problem solved..or is it?  Did they read the manual below?   What if “too many Vets” move from Oakland, Los Angeles, or one of the other busy RO’s to South Dakota?   Won’t that RO then be behind?

But wait..there’s more!

Doesn’t the VA already “farm out” claims to regional offices with less backlog?   Why is that not working?  Oh, I forgot.  The VA hasn’t figured out how to manage 58 multiple Regional Offices at the same time.  

Perhaps, if we review “the VA executive compensation guide”, pictured below,  we can find out why.

This guide, while created for VA executives to justify their bonuses, could be useful to others at times.


Sounds like the VA never thought of that!

Editor’s note:

The attachment on Move above has a lovely interactive map further down in the post such that you can put your cursor on it and drag it around to expose your specific state. Then place your cursor over the circle to see how many days wait to expect and what kind of increase (or decrease) your local RO is experiencing. If you have heart trouble, I suggest letting your spouse do it and gently break the news to you.

I find it interesting that Seattle shows a 37.9% decline in claims. How can that be? They’re transshipping them sideways out to Salt Lick City!  But SLC shows an increase of 54.3%. So does the increase represent the overflow from SEA RO making it (SLC) a net importer of claims? (Hint. Use vA math).

This resembles “Which of these 3 walnut shell is the VA claim hiding underneath? Watch closely. The RO is quicker than the Vet’s eye.

I’d dearly like to file this in humor but it is sadly true.


P.S. Attached is a really nice version of the same map.

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1 Response to VA solves backlog problem before election

  1. Kiedove says:

    Great visual way to convey and compare info. Winston-Salem–over 50,000 pending claims.
    What trust can any vets dealing with that system muster after seeing how their claims are handled?

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