Just got the invite at the last moment. See you there or you can listen to the archived version later if you miss it. It will be available at A warm thank you to JBASSER and all the excellent Vet helpers over there for making this happen. 

P.S. Update.

Gerrel and the boys at are a wonderful bunch. Why wouldn’t they be? Veterans as a subset of the American citizenry have always been the first to role up their sleeves and get things done with the assets at hand. We don’t require long delays with Environmental Impact Statements. We don’t do feasibility studies that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We don’t congregate in warm places like Orlando and beat it to death with our lips. Much like that famous Veteran Alexander the Great, we cut the Gordian knot and proceed to git ‘er done. The gentlemen I met today are movers and shakers. They epitomize the theory that sitting on your hands is not an option. I thank them profusely for the invitation and hope I passed the audition.

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  1. SquidlyOne says:

    There must a be at least a thousand years of knowledge posting on Vet’s issues over there. And I don’t see retired DROs and ex-Rating specialists that are paranoid about vets being malingerer’s or welfare cheats like on some other sites. Recently I read where an ex-DRO (retired) said that TDIU should be as hard to get as SSDI. Smacks of a selfish “bonus hound” to me. And to think there are other DROs running around the different VAROS with a fat wallet and a give a shit attitude like that. They must hire the young padawans (who aren’t Veterans) so they can indoctrinate them into the ways of the “dark Side” with the promise of becoming a Sith Lord!

    HADIT hits home….like the character Howard Beale ranted in the movie Network: “I’m not going to take it any more” 🙂

    P.S. I enjoyed the interview…Great job guys!

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