I received this today and was initially at a loss for words. I read it moments before the Stardust Radio show began and it festered in my mind until it bubbled over in the broadcast. I do not believe in conspiracies or censorship so I will not tamper with it. I will add my answer to it below as it was sent. I rarely receive negative input such as this. Not that I don’t deserve it certainly, but I try to build positive things here rather than complain about things I cannot change. Everyone’s claims (and hence their circumstances) are different and unique. There is no vA claims box that fits all of you. If there was , you wouldn’t come here asking why and how to.

Dear Sir…

Okay….I am a Viet Nam veteran, I don’t turn my back on the war as so many did in the 60’s, I put my life on the line, come back a drug addict, alcoholic, and can’t maintain a relationship due to ED caused by Agent Orange…..and now you have the balls…(must be big ones) to try and sale me a book to benefit no one but you!

I have known some selfish people and will have to put YOU amongst them as well!

Gee Thanks for all your support!

Walter L. Reynolds/ U.S.Army 1970-72/Da Nang, Viet Nam

Ask Nod
5:35 PM (2 hours ago)

to walt

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

 You seem to think I set out to write a book to make money. Well, as  they say in the Hertz commercial-Not exactly. I set out to help Vets win their claims after losing for 23 years. I served just west of you in Laos in 1970 as a FAC interpreter. I got a GSW and a rotten transfusion. I’m dying of the disease now and have a few years left. I also have PCT from Agent Orange.

 You think I’m getting rich? I put all my own money into this for Vets. $5.500 + and I don’t care if I ever get it back. I do hope you can get a copy of it and beat the VA at their own game. That’s what I want, Mr. Reynolds. No fame. No glory. Just pay it forward to Mr. and Mrs Vet so they don’t have to go through what I did for 23 years. I’ve been called a liar. I’ve been told I was never in Vietnam-let alone Laos. I didn’t get my Purple Heart because Air America doesn’t award them.

 If that means I’m on your shit list, then I am happy to be there. I hope I’m near the top, too. If that’s what it takes to help Vets then I will sleep well knowing it. I arrived over there in May of 1970 and DEROSed May 1972. I paid my dues for two years. I don’t wave a flag much-I’m too sick. I was kicked out of the USAF with PTSD- excuse me-Anti-social personality w/ passive aggressive tendencies-with a General Discharge when I got back. I won at something they said couldn’t be done. Should I run and hide the secret of how to win? If there ever is a “profit” from this, I’ll be dead and unable to spend it.

Thank you for your service to America, too. I mean that sincerely from one Veteran to another. We all got the shitty end of the stick in that war. I just aim to even the playing field for us a little bit. I’m sorry you don’t see it that way.

 Sincerely–Buckwheat (ASKNod)

I wish to put a fork in the myth that this is for money. If it was, I’d hire a ghostwriter and a good PR staff with national connections and go on tour. One thing I certainly would not do is assume a pseudonym as I was cautioned against many times by the publisher. Going on book signing tours requires a name-preferably your real one. Profit on this, if there is any (ever) would devolve to Cupcake because I severely doubt I’ll be vertical when and if it happens. So to the Walter L. Reynolds of the world-calm down. If I get a windfall, I have your email address and will send you a free copy. Any others so inclined push send now and I’ll add you to the list. My mission in what’s left of my life is to teach Vets how to legally fish so they can provide for themselves judicially. Money is such a small part of life that it doesn’t enter here. As a human being, I’m shocked that any would ascribe that motive to my endeavour. As a Veteran, I’m insulted.

Even if you knew my circumstances in life, Mr. Reynolds, I find it odd that you would inveigh on my book with no knowledge of its reason or beginnings. However, you must be prescient in one respect. I did have the largest testicles west of the Rockies for several days in April 2009 when the sepsis nearly killed me. I was unavailing in my attempts to get either my son or Cupcake to take a picture of them for you though. For that, I sincerely apologize. It might have set your mind at rest to see you’re right about something. And yes, it would make an interesting conversation-starter if placed on the mantle above the fireplace.

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6 Responses to DISGRUNTLED VET

  1. KC says:

    Dear Mr. Reynolds, F__K you. Sincerely, The rest of the USA.

    • asknod says:

      As much as I am taken aback at Mr. Reynold’s letter, I would stand with him in his right to say whatever he wants when he wants to. The right of Free Speech transcends any other right in our country. TY4YS Walt.

  2. Paul&Leigh says:

    I just sent for book today, I don’t see how you can do anymore for the vets than you already do at this site, Thank You for all the help and for getting back to us with all are dumb ????? we ask, good luck with book. Leigh will have to read I like to listen

  3. When ever someone “bad mouths” a book, I always ask if they read it. If Mr. Reynolds, did, indeed, read Ask Nod’s book, and has criticism, then I will be happy to entertain his comments about what he did not like about the book.
    However, it would appear that Mr. Reynolds did not read the book, but instead, hypothesized that “it cost too much”.
    The vA preys upon Veterans ignorance. For example, many a Vet has “lost out” because the Vet failed to meet BOTH appeal deadlines. Ask Nod readers probably knew there are TWO appeal deadlines, but many others do not know this. Miss either deadline, and the denial is automatic.
    Like the Penzoil commercial..its pay me now or (by changing your oil) or pay me later (by changing your engine). In a similar way, you can pay fifteen bucks for an education, or you can learn the hard way. I wish the book was available 10 years ago, when I applied. Instead, I paid dearly for my ignorance.
    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance..it costs more.

  4. Robert G says:

    Thanks for letting this veteran vent his frustrations. I’ll bet you will hear from him again with a different story. Mr Reynolds this site is here to help you if you so desire. Busting balls takes more energy than listening to those you rage against. Thank you for your service…………..

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