Good news for CDNEH and her spouse Chase. Both Houses of Congress have passed a Camp Lejeune Bill that will mean the same litigation path all we Vets must pass through. 750.000 Vets, wives and children will be affected by this. I note with dismay the usual “except for” we all saw in the  1991 AO legislation when the coverup on that poisoning became apparent.

The bill provides health care to sick military personnel and their family members provided they had lived or worked at least 30 days on the base from 1957 to 1987. They also must have a condition listed within the bill that’s associated with exposure to the contaminating chemicals.

The trouble with all these Bills is that the Senators and Congressmen all get together and do  that serious head-bob thing like my Hawaiian Hula dancer girl on the dashboard but nobody reads the thing. Thus you get “Veterans with boots on the ground in RVN are presumptively assumed to have been exposed …etc. , the the link to Porphyria Cuatana Tarda, Chloracne, and Sub-acute, Peripheral Neuropathy will be service connected IF… you manifested it within one year of departing RVN. Whoa, dude. Run that by me again slowly. Some  raters will even throw in May 7th, 1975. Remember that? The rooftop Olympics over at the Air America Apartments trying to get a ride out on a Huey?

So you see the problem. The Marines are going to take it in the shorts when they publish the list.  I see a bunch of tricky language with the time limits “must have been disabling to a compensable degree within one year of transfer away from Fort Leukemia”. God forbid if your symptoms don’t metastasize for 15 years. The vA will undoubtedly trot out the Fed. Circus  Maxson vs. Gober decision  and conclusively prove 85 % of these souls don’t meet the criteria because it happened 40 years ago.

Typical male chauvinist portrayal of Native Hawaiian Islander in traditional garb

She could be a Senator. I’d even vote for her.

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  1. cdneh says:

    Wow. I guess we will see, won’t we.

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