Just when we thought we’d heard it all about spying on 80 year old VAMC patients, out comes this tidbit spotted by Bodacious Bob, our FAC spotter in the Northeast. It shows the lengths vA is willing to go to in order to obtain deleterious information on us.

I have been chided for suggesting that vA would employ Criminal Background Investigatory techniques to discover a Veteran’s history when he or she has a checkered career in the military. I know this because vA has obtained information on several of the Vets we have helped that could only have been garnered by such methods.

As an employer, we were forced into this by several employees who used us to get Workman’s Compensation. They “fell” down or were injured a few days after being hired and we paid through higher premiums for years. We started becoming more careful after that. It costs $39.95 a year to subscribe to the CBI service and you can find out anything and everything about your prospective new hire.  With the SSN, it even reduces the error of misidentification to 0%. I’m sure vA gets a break on the fee based on their extensive use of it. It reveals interesting things like drug busts, any staycations at the Graybar Hotel and in some cases even the employment history.

VA has used this for denigrating your claims for jetguns by showing intercurrent drug usage after service as a plausible risk. Time spent in prison is considered a major risk due to you becoming the unwilling recipient of a fellow inmate’s affections.  An arrest for driving under the influence is all the proof they need that you have an ETOH abuse problem and we all know that is a risk for HCV.

Keep this in mind when filing so as to avoid having it rear its ugly head later on down the road. Better yet, run your own CBI on yourself and see what the government has on you. The era of Big Brother has arrived whether we’re willing to admit it or not. Sadly, vA is overwhelmed with requests for compensation and ill-prepared to separate the wheat from the chaff. What better way to keep up on the goings and comings of us Veterans with shady pasts and questionable morals?

P.S. I received an email to the effect that the type of surveillance (if any) would be in the nature of reading your emails. This is taken from the information published in this article.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Let’s see–the SAME spyware the FDA used against its scientists is also being used at 10 VA hospitals and 43 VA clinics? How are these snoops different from illegal wire-tappers?
    Who the heck is behind these KGB-like actions against government employees? How can VA workers in these health care centers do an honest day’s work in such an oppressive work environment? When their rights are being abused like this, we all suffer.

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