Smile: Big Brother is watching you

Many of us have heard of “Candid Camera”, where they play practical jokes on people, and then, with their permission, the video tape is aired on TV.

Well, the VA also has their “Candid Cameras”.   I wonder WHAT they are using them for?

And, it sounds like THIS candid camera, is not the  VA’s only one, either because we have learned over and over, if it happens in one Regional Office (or VAMC) it is probably happening in many more.

This is a new one, however.  First the VA Admits to the “covert camera“, then denies it was installed without the family’s knowledge.    Usually, the VA is just the opposite.  They first “deny”, then, later, when confronted with irrefutable evidence, they admit to it, as in shreddergate 1.

Once again this reeks of the VA’s lack of accountability, with a capital “A”.   Isnt it time the VA be responsible to “SOMEONE” other than their own VAOIG?

P.S. I have to admit this is a strange one. This post simply disappeared back into draft mode after I published it this morning. There are several comments attached so I will attempt to reconstruct those as well. Perhaps vA isn’t enchanted with our news efforts.

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3 Responses to Smile: Big Brother is watching you

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    I watched a film about the Burzynski Research Institute Inc. Last week I went through the FDA approval report of peg-interferon in 2001. The FDA no longer functions to serve the American Public. Their sole purpose is to push big-pharmas products as per “The Prescription Drug User Fee Act ” (PDUFA) (IV) enacted in 1992 that allowed the FDA to collect “user fees” from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

    Every email of every Federal Employee for any Federal Agency is “spied upon”. The FDA will do whatever big-pharma wants them to do when they pay for the clinical trials and the user fees. Sorta like hiring Guido from Chicago to make a mob hit. Watch Burzynski’s film if you haven’t yet, it will curl your hair! You can find it on netflix.

    Kinda funny about the VAMC cameras all over the place. At my VAMC there are narrow hallways with the treatment rooms on each side and a few chairs in the hallway to wait for the nurses or doctors. The cameras are in mirrored domes in the ceiling. I know where they are so I look up and then move out of sighte just enough so I can scratch my behind. A federal cop always comes by and catches me in the act!

  2. Robert G says:

    I noticed cameras like this when I was at the Los Angeles RO for my BVA hearing. More noticeably in the mens room. I thought they were deodorizers that go off every so many minutes because of the out house aromas. If I see another one I will exercise extreme predjudice with a fresh roll charmin…..

  3. Kiedove says:

    A camera hidden inside fake smoke detectors? Total disregard for our privacy rights. Is this the Obama administration’s idea of governmental transparency? This administration is sounding more in the category of the J. Edgar Hoover, or Richard Nixon’s School of how to govern the unruly American populace. Spying on the emails of FDA scientists etc.. In short, paranoid.
    Thanks for posting the picture of the device.

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