This just in from member Shawn who knows where all the bodies are buried back east. It seems Congress is going to finally do something about this horrible mess. I figure they’ll rob Peter to pay Paul in order to get it done. Either that or they’ll rob Peter to pay Paul’s interest on it. Being innovative, I’m sure they’ll find a way to disenfranchise someone or a group so as not to disturb any of their pet bridges to nowhere.

As usual, this closely parallels the Love Canal housing development and the Agent Orange debacle almost to a T. Deny, deny, deny. Then -“Well, we weren’t sure so we didn’t drop the dime on anyone for fear that it would just cause undue stress. Now that we know, well, we’re telling everyone.” That would be fifteen years of not being sure in case anyone’s counting. I’m sure Jerry Ensminger is glad to see some resolution to this. Imagine losing your child to government stupidity. Then multiply it by scores of children.

We children who grew up to be soldiers and ate, inhaled and drank AO in SEA are no different. We went into it just as blindly and were misinformed, lied to and ultimately given the “We didn’t know” treatment, too. The only difference was that Dow and their ilk knew about the deleterious nature of 2,4,5 T for years before they deployed it and sold the military on it.

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2 Responses to CAMP LEJEUNE UPDATE 7/2012

  1. Wow finally gonna do something to compensate for the Marines screw up! I have a husband with liver disease, lung disease, and a hole in his heart,nondrinker with cirrhosis of liver,due to chemical exposure and now has developed nodules on his lungs. He served proudly and now is slowly dying. Will they take care of him probably not, but as far as I am concerned they owe him and our family dearly, we have watched and participated in treatment and all his care. I am unable to work because of taking ca re of him and I am living on what little we have. Tell me will he live to get any benefits? He had open heart surgery at the age of 37 now he is 59 and unable to breath without oxygen,thanks to liver failure that is also inter related with each other.

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    I wonder if the US Navy will get left out again. The gator navy would pick-up US Marine Expeditionary Forces from Camp Lejuene at the Morehead City complex. We would take enough fresh drinking water from Camp Lejuene to keep the troops supplied for a long deployment, which was weeks before we could replenish at Sea or port. Bottom line is that we lived for months on the water from Camp Lejuene, Morehead City complex. I was there at least 12 times over the course of 3 years in the late 70s.

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