In an exciting development, vA today proudly unveiled their latest addition to Ebenefits. When accessing the site, you can now click on their link in the upper right hand corner and find out in advance what your decision will be on your claim. This exciting addition is described in detail by Undersecretary Allison Hickey in her latest Hickeygram as she affectionately calls them.

By clicking on uluz@va.gov, you can instantly ascertain all the denial verbiage they will be using against you. This will give you added time to formulate your defense when you file your NOD. It is hoped that vA will be able to have this up and running within 125 days. Undersecretary Hickey points out that the denials will be 98 percent correct no later than 2015. The roll out date was tentatively set for 1996 but anonymous sources tell us this timetable has been pushed forward numerous times due to the backlog.

vA strives for accuracy in all their denials and this tool is just one of many that were put forward by stakeholders at sit down, Meet and Greets across the country when trying to come up with a better, fairer denial process. VSOs from all the major organizations are excited about the new streamlined denial process. It is rumored this will definitely help their golf handicaps.

Veterans service officer Thomas Twoface of the Veterans Of Foreign Debacles (VFD) had this to say in prepared remarks:

” We are very excited about this new tool. vA for years has vacillated back and forth when making decisions on service connection. This will simplify the process for Veterans and take the uncertainty of a win or loss off the table. Veterans need to know as soon as possible what their chances of winning are to make important financial considerations such as bankruptcy or homelessness. This is just one more valuable resource in the process of reducing the interminable wait for a decision up or down. Hickey is showing her leadership in this important area and her prior experiences in the military stand her in good stead. We at VFD consider this to be an important milestone on the road to speedier denials. We support vA wholeheartedly in their implementation of uluz and look forward to helping ever-increasing numbers of Vets get what is coming to them.”

Some Veterans present at the press conference saw this as a lose-lose proposition but Mr. Twoface argues to the contrary that indeed it’s a win-win for all concerned. We’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to ULUZ@VA.GOV

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    Hopefully he leaves office in January 2013 along with the rest of the “Gang of Four”.

    Solis, –Don’t hire Vets iniatives, no preference given to disabled Vets in Federal Employment
    Salazar —disgraceful use of Veteran’s monuments
    Holder — Tossed USERRA into the trash can

  2. joeavera says:

    Actually, I preferred the old rubber stamp “claim denied” instead of this newfangled computer technology. Is this what Shinseki meant that he was planning on the VA entering the 21st Century by year 2145? The advantage to the old method was, that VA employees were not required to learn to read…because the rubber stamps had “color coded” handles to distinguish “claim denied” from “claim delayed”. Unfortunately, someone played a joke and switched the color coded stickers, so that claims that were supposed to be delayed were denied and vice versa. The VA did not discover this mistake until the new technology came in, and some Veterans inadvertently received 2 decisions..one that said denied and one that said delayed. This caused further confusion at the BVA level, because the BVA automatically denies “claim delayed” appeals, because that decision is not final. Then, to add to the confusion, because of Nehmer claims, the claims denied appeals were sent out notices that they would be delayed. The VA has promised to have this all straightened out by 2050, or whenever Shinseki leaves office, whichever is to the advantage of the Veteran.

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