Member Mike is a wizard, as are all of you in my mind. With all the nasty disease processes and depression piled high, you still manage to find time to dig these nuggets up. This one is a daisy. I commend each and every one of you, including some who prefer to remain nameless. I can hardly thank all of you for what you do to make this a truly great website for HCV as well as other quandaries. This is a classic example of things I think bear examination because they impact many of the members’ lives. Now that I’ve blown enough smoke rings, I give you the latest vA boondoggle. $250,000.00 later, let’s just leave things the way they are. Idiot’s Delight.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    This patient wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t appealed to Congressman Kline (ex-Marine), who in turn, wrote to the VA! And it appears to me that the Minneapolis VA approved payment for surgery at UMN since the VA transplant centers rejected the patient. The MN VA has a relationship with the university, so perhaps this wasn’t an out-of-system approval.
    All things considered, this proactive man is fortunate and although it was touch-and-go, he’s got a liver and more days to add to his book of life.
    Good job Rep. Kline.

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    This little gem was well buried:
    “VHA has considered the OIG recommendation to consider if changes to the transplant review process should be made to address facility specific absolute contraindications to transplant. After this consideration, VHA has decided to continue the referral process as currently designed.”

    And so the ostrich sticks it’s head back into the sand. That must be too much reading for Usec Hickey. Poor thing! She wants those ruby slippers oh sooooo bad! 🙂

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