I am interested in your thoughts on all this. Here is a poll that will illuminate us all in how confident you are in vA’s promises to reach a 125-day schedule. America wants to know, too. Vote Chicago style-again and again like American Idol. Stuff the box to your heart’s content. Since I don’t think I’ll be alive to witness it, in my mind all answers are probably going to be right.

Gee. That sucks. I tried to vote in my own poll and it won’t let me.

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3 Responses to 125 DAYS WHEN?

  1. asknod says:

    Thanks. I see after 18 hrs that 66% of you have absolutely no faith in the system or Squidly is stuffing the box

    • SquidlyOne says:

      The Senate Veterans Affairs committee held a hearing on February 11, 2009, regarding the delays in processing claims and suggestions for improving the process. The representative from Disabled American Veterans presented some interesting statistics on average time lengths for some of these steps:

      From the NOD to the SOC: 213 days.
      From the SOC to filing Form 9: 44 days
      From filing Form 9 to certification to the BVA: 531 days

      Much of this delay is caused by obtaining additional evidence and issuing additional SSOCS.
      From receipt at the BVA to decision: 273 days.

      So, altogether this would be 1,061 days from filing an NOD to receiving a BVA decision. This, of course, doesn’t even include the amount of time it took to get that initial decision after filing a claim, and it doesn’t include the amount of time that it will take if an appeal to the Court is necessary.

      You can find the complete testimony at the hearing at the following link:


      They might be able to fool non-vets with the mega-mouth hype but not us! Can a leopard change his spots? When the name of the game is deny and delay, then anything else is just smoke up our butt! JOVO!

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    I voted for you….Neverland is the hallmark of the vA…..

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