BVA– AO At Fort McClellan RVN

I always thought Fort McClellan was in Alablama. Seems they did some “non-tactical” deployment of AO, AW and AB (in small quantities) there in the late sixties. Does this surprise anyone? Just how soon do you think it will come to pass that the next one will be Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune? This stuff has a heavy metal product in it that resists breaking down. It’s like a test protocol to see if HCV can be transmitted via a jetgun. If you don’t test for it then you can safely say no one has ever proved it can happen-e.g. no testing for the AO will yield no evidence of AO. Amazing, huh?  You don’t rally have to be Bill Nye the Science Guy to figure this one out.

Lucky for the Vet that VA was so confident of winning they didn’t see fit to write up a good nexus denying him. VLJ showed them the error of their ways by granting on the benefit of the doubt. Ah, how sweet the sound.

VA AO Decision Favorable to Ft McClellan Vet (Citation #1108696)

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