As if it weren’t a joke on us last year, imagine Wild Bill Heino paying his filing fee and taking this up to the 3rd Federal Circuit. Scarcely a year later, on April 4th, Mr. Heino and that inimitable humor he was blessed with visited the Fed.Cir. and pleaded with them to cut him some slack on his $84 a year co-pay for prescription drugs. If he wasn’t indigent, then one must pay to file. It’s $50.00 a pop for the CAVC for a Extraordinary Writ so I assume it’s no different at the Fed. Cir. That would exceed what he’s hoping to save doing this in the first instance. Did anyone point this out to him?

For those of you who missed this painful waste of judicial resources, here’s the link:

 April Fool’s on Heino

What gives with the decisions and hearings all centering close to April Fool’s ? All these questions. At any rate, here’s the audio of the hearing-courtesy of the Veterans Law Library.

 Heino does the F.3d

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