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Nexus Bible

Here you go, Kiedove. Everything I can think of. At the end there’s a Microsoft Word document attachment you can download and modify to put your own notes on if you want. Everything in red is phraseology the doctor should … Continue reading

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HCV and Pain–VA’s Own Study

Gee, what else have these guys been up to and burying out back of the hospital? Here’s ammo for that claim from none other than the very Bozos who will tell you there’s 1) No conclusive studies on the subject … Continue reading

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Lt. Bobby Ross

This just in from member Bob in the funny shaped barbecue mitt state. A great song in the same vein as Sgt. Barry Sadler’s epochal  best-seller. I do hope he goes to the top of the charts. I must say … Continue reading

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Everyone has an opinion and here is your opportunity to tell us. Chicago-style voting with instant results. Bring your dead friends over and let them vote, too. Take your lap top to a bar with you and get a wider … Continue reading

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Still Sick=More Humor

Since I don’t have an audience under the age of reason, these jokes members keep sending me are only mildly risqué and I’m still ill, I submit them for your entertainment. If any take offence, please so state and I … Continue reading

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FED.CIR. Akers v. Shinseki–Informal Claims?

Much has been bandied about on the subject of informal claims over the years. The  subject became so contentious, VA was forced to amend its own definition  in 1987. I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of it. Vickie Akers will … Continue reading

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Sick Monday Humor

More Friday morning humor along the same line… I walked into a drug store and asked to talk to a male pharmacist. The lady I was talking to said that she was the only pharmacist and as she and her sister … Continue reading

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When Autoimmunity quits working.

I am sick. Mega sick. Not from some Hepatitis secondary for which I thank God, but sick as in a cold from hell. All this wonderful dieting to bring my liver numbers down has come home to roost. I had … Continue reading

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Footlocker 7

Check this out. Every time we hopped a ride down to Udorn from LS 20-Alternate  for smokes and a beer/Scotch run, I’d leave my “issue” Model 39 9 mil in my wall locker in the hootch. I carried a Model … Continue reading

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Erroneous DD214

When you leave the military, one document is supposed to be free of any errors. It must be perfect in every respect for future employers and the VA to confirm your history. Every medal, every duty assignment and type of … Continue reading

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