Well hooooo, doggies. Sen. Patty finally had her hearing for a couple of new judges at the Court this morning. Margaret Bartley and Coral Wong Pietsch finally got their Dog and Pony Show at the Bigtop. This was long overdue. But what of Margaret’s middle name? Why does Coral get hers up in lights? Can it be Coral was formerly a Wong, but now a Pietsch? Names are tricky. If I ran the world I would have thrown in another one (potential judge, not middle name) for the hearing so we could fill the Court out to 9 as it should be. Why wait for someone to show up? What’s the President up to? This isn’t even bottle rocket scientist stuff. We’re trying to save money so let’s get the program moving. Look up milk run in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of  show today.

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