PTSD–Sen Sneakers to the Rescue

Who needs Jim Dandy. We have Sen. Sneakers on the case. When votes count, you can count on Patty to be out in front. This is free PR during “the season”. And for all you guys/gals out there with Bent Brains who got the bum’s rush, why, send her an email telling her in 300 words or less, why you think you deserve a rating. You’ll get more traction there than down at Madigan.

I might sound like I’m down on her but she helped speed up my claim in 08. Well, her gomer Kim Brown did, sort of. Maybe? Hard to tell. VA had it so screwed by then, it’s a miracle it only took 16 months more after 13 years of being “in development”.  We love ya, Pattycakes. You’ve done more for us than against us. Now fix the backlog like a good girl, please. And be quick about it.

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2 Responses to PTSD–Sen Sneakers to the Rescue

  1. asknod says:

    Nobody knows why this is (VSOs telling you not to call your Congressional reps.). Of course we’re still trying to to decipher why they neglected to read Caluza v. Brown and tell us about those nexus letters, too. That one failure by my VSO (nexus requirement) is what started this whole site. We’ve come a long way, baby! Peter is obviously one of our poster children for Asknod but I didn’t pay him to say that. Here’s Peter’s story:

  2. peter says:

    Because Patty seems so busy, I Called Maria and very glad I did as her Represenitive “Sam Mack”, made many calls on my behalf and speeded things along by Months. I was also happy with My Represenitive McDermott, who’s rep David Loud made calls and turned me on the Sam Mack. All in all while my service rep asked me not to use those sources as that would slow down my claim. They aslo knew nothing about Nexus letters and thought it wasn’t nessary. I’m sure glad I hit on HC vets and Nod, to gain my balance….Lots of information there for those who want to win the first time around and save years in the process and my home…peter

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