Big Brother is Watching

Did you ever look up in one of those impossibly big stadiums?  Big Brother is watching everything you do. Former Marine sniper Bob R. came home from Afghanistan and wondered how he would ever find a job where he could employ his talent for playing tag at 750 yards. Lucky for him he looked in the want ads. Maybe you have a future in the NFL.

This NFL position is open to all Marine sniper Veterans and you get preference points, too. This gives “touch” football a whole new meaning. Sorry, no PTSD-rated Vets need apply.

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1 Response to Big Brother is Watching

  1. Robert G says:

    These vets are qualified to be member of any SWAT team across the USA. Tested under fire without a change of underwear for days. However most of these guys fall down on the psyche testing and scenarios given by a board or assholes who never drew their “weapon” or shot it in the line of duty. I recall the movie “shooter” where marine sniper gets left to twist in the wind but makes it home safely. Movies are fake but the job and weapons are real. Remember the enemys only mission is to kill, steal and destroy. We must reach out and touch them at 800 yards or 8 steps across the street.

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