New Camp Lejeune Update

I just received this from our East Coast membership in charge of such things.


It has been a few weeks since we asked everyone to visit the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s (HVAC) Chairman’s website. Initially we were encouraged by what seemed to be a genuine response from Chairman Miller. Well a few hours ago, we received notice from the Chairman’s office of how he expressed his deep concern for our well being and respect for our service to this country.

Before I begin, I would like to remind everyone that our Bill for health care has been sitting in the “inbox” of his committee for almost a whole year! During that time, nothing has been done. If passed, HR-1742 (The Janey Ensminger Act) will carry the force of law.

Now for the Chairman. Today he put out a press release and sent a letter to Secretary Shenseki pointing out the VA has a 3 billion dollar surplus in their FY 2012 budget and asked the Secretary for his charity and allocate some the extra money to our health care. If this proposal is enacted, then what about next year and the next? Why the bait-n-switch? As Chairman of the HVAC, Rep Miller can simply appropriate the needed funding by law rather than relying on the charity of the VA Secretary. This latest move is nothing more than an underhanded attempt to take the heat of Camp Lejeune off the Congressman’s back….do not let this pass unnoticed! Please take the time to visit Congressman Jeff Miller’s Facebook page and let him know what you think. The link is pasted below. Also, please do not confuse the Chairman with the Bill’s sponsor, Rep Brad Miller (D-NC).

It is time to act now and be heard if you want this issue to move forward.

This is the comment Jerry left on his FaceBook Wall.

Representative Miller, I just finished reading your letter to Secretary Shinseki and your press release regarding benefits for Camp Lejeune drinking water contamination victims and I have some very pertinent questions for you. If you have in fact discovered a 3 billion dollar overage provided to the VA in their budget, why are you asking the Secretary to do something that you could make him do by passing HR-1742? You have had that bill sitting in your committee for nearly a year and you haven’t even allowed the HVAC to consider it!

I do agree with one thing you said in your press release, Senator Richard Burr is the champion of this issue on the senate side and you appear to be the loser on the house side...Jerry Ensminger

Here we go again. It’s just like the AO debacle. Let’s ignore it for twenty years and then see which way the wind is blowing. Memories are short. Constituents grow old and forgetful. The kids pass away and the grass starts growing again at Chernobyl. Love canal is backfilled. No problem. The sheeple put their heads back down and return to grazing on the media feed.

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  1. Great job folks…Semper Fi, Jerry Ensminger

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