HCV 101

I was asked about why HCV is such a difficult bug to kill by my 8 year old grandson. His answer to bugs is a large rock. I tried explaining it several different ways but none resonate with children. Explaining immune systems falls on deaf ears. He showed me his caterpillar  named  Cat who has woven himself a new winter home. Metamorphosis will bring out a wondrous new animal come spring.

While studying the pupa, it finally came to me how to explain the mystery of HCV. Doctors should write a pamphlet for their patients on this. HCV is a cunning little virus that is like a caterpillar. It invades your body and surreptitiously makes itself a home. Soon, your body recognizes it has a new inhabitant and mobilizes the immune system to rid itself of the beast. The HCV is very clever. Once identified, it metamorphoses like the  larval-stage caterpillar into a new version. Your body doesn’t immediately recognize this new pupa so there is a delay between identification and the body’s gearing up to do battle with the newer version. This process repeats itself over and over for decades with the gradual destruction of the liver.

Because the body is on high alert and doing battle with this beast day in and day out, your immune system occasionally goes NASDAQ and chooses to attack anything it perceives as an invader. This is known as an auto- immune disorder. It explains why HCV sufferers have so many of these ailments.  Auto immune Hepatitis (AIH) is a classic example of this. The largest concentration of these bugs is in the liver so it is the logical choice to attack from the body’s viewpoint.

Interferon has been described as an immune enhancer. That’s like calling Napalm a cigarette lighter. IFN Therapy is like a Hyperdrive Motivator on an X-wing fighter. It takes a normal process and supercharges it. It’s far more intense than a normal course of chemotherapy because it takes every iota of energy from the body to assault the virus. This leaves little in reserve for the normal, regular pursuits of life. Some of our members have described this as akin to “being drug through a knothole backwards”. From my one and only experience, I can only agree. It’s also like having a industrial strength vacuum cleaner suck all your energy out, too.

It should come as no great surprise that IFN therapy has some interesting and serious side effects that one would not expect. Loss or deterioration of vision is one frequently mentioned. Others complain of “Brain fog” or the feeling of cobwebs in the noggin. A better description would be knowing your birthdate, but having a hard time remembering what part of your brain you filed it in. It always comes to you eventually which proves it isn’t Alzheimer’s. That’s small consolation to many of us.

While there is no direct correlation between IFN therapy and the inception of autoimmune disorders, I find it incongruous that I had no overt symptoms of Cryoglobulinemia or AIH before my one dose of bug juice. Of course it can be said that while there is no correlation between jetguns and HCV, it’s entirely plausible.

In 1994, the VAMC in Portland,  in conjunction with the University of Oregon, instituted a research protocol to observe if there was any link between HCV and Porphyria Cutanea Tarda. Within two years they had enough to extrapolate that 32% of infected individuals were also PCT-afflicted. Most would publish their results proudly and ask for more government funds to beat this to death. Not the VA. They quietly put this to bed and moved on. One would think VA examiners would point to this and use it for rating purposes. Not. You will never get a nexus from them on this. Oddly, there is much evidence in private circles documenting the link between Cryoglobulinemia and HCV as well.  Even citing to this literature when filing for Cryo won’t get you SC. You’ll still need the magic letter.

In light of the above, you can understand VA’s recalcitrance to do any long term studies of population cohorts to look for any conceivable linkage between HCV and the use of jetguns. Absent the knowledge of a round earth, it remains comfortably flat in their estimation. It’s rumored that studies are proposed for this in 2076, which coincides with about when the last of the jetgun-innoculated Veterans will pass from “natural” causes. At that point, VA will don sack cloth, rub ashes on their forehead and wail that “if only they’d known this, Veterans could have been remunerated  appropriately”.  Hindsight is always 20-20. Contrived hindsight is 20-15.

P.S. I received this from WGM on the subject of brain fog. The man is a powerhouse of information on this disease and it’s etiology:


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3 Responses to HCV 101

  1. Kiedove says:

    Multi-use-nozzle jet injectors (MUNJIs) and jet-injections (JIs) are unsafe. These slides show how MUNJIs, worked: http://www.who.int/vaccine_research/about/gvrf_2004/en/gvrf_2004_weniger.pdf

    Everyone in public and private healthcare have known for years that cross-contamination between patients can and does occur. The forensics have been done. What sane person today would accept any injection via a JI medical device knowing that the previous patient had HBV, HCV, HIV or bacterial infection?
    The link below contains a recent lecture video (about 43 minutes), is meant for health care providers, on safe injections practices. You can also d/l the slides and audio. The title of the lecture is “Unsafe Injection Practices: Outbreaks, Incidents, and Root Causes.”

    The speakers, including a CDC doc, are very careful not to mention JIs directly but by their omission, we know they aren’t considered safe. And multi-dose vial use, which MUNJIs used, were discouraged. One slide is a nod to mass vaccinations practices of the past. These are not whistle-blowers per se. They like their jobs too much. But by teaching precisely what safe injections ARE, they demonstrate that ALL other methods are not-safe and should be avoided.
    We need to have someone in Congress to hold more hearings like those held by former Rep. Vic Snyder (Arkansas). He’s a medical doctor and served in Vietnam. He introduced bill(s) that would have made HCV a S-C disability.
    He tried to pry the lid off this can of worms and he was “medically competent” to have an opinion! If HCV is a silent killer directly, then can it not be said that physicians/medical researchers who keep mum, are also silent killers albeit indirectly?
    WHO is the only organization that is telling the truth about JIs at this point.
    The hope for a 100% safe needle-free devices is understandable–they might be useful in the event of a global pandemic. But I wouldn’t allow one to touch my body unless there was a true emergency. Needle-free devices could reduce needle-sticks etc.. Engineers are working on designing safe devices but they have an uphill battle preventing DNA and RNA transfers between injections with 100% safety. I endorse the CDCs One and Only Campaign. Check it out here: http://www.oneandonlycampaign.org/

  2. Robert G says:

    Did this mean ” my one and only experience” is you had 1 dose of IFN? YES my brain has to be pushed started along with how I trigger my FOG. I recall you remarked that the IFN that I injected in 1995 was “stronger” than other IFN others here had used. I was tricked and lied to throughout my first 6 month trial. At the end of 6 months I was eliminated as a candidate because I did not respond to alphainterferon 2b. BUT every friday I had blood tests and the quack told me I was doing great in spite of all the complaints/symptoms I had. My testicles and penis shrunk upwards like I was de-evolving. I had more but no room here to remember. I also had the ribivirin mix in the late 90’s. And another dose 2001? or later. No where-No one- warned me of long term symptoms of this treatment. Today I have antisocial issues and hate public places. I have tinnitis bad and many other “symptoms” of IFN. My family has distanced themselves from me. I am considered angry and neurotic without any kind of patience. I stopped trying to explain I was never a junkie or shared needles with addicts. Even my church treated me like a second class citizen whenever food was around. I learned never to touch anothers food or drink from a shared bottle. I have plastic and paper plated so I throw it away since the embarrassment drags me down to worm status. I believe I was used as a test dummy for IFN treatment. I believe all my illnesses and cancer is due to IFN injections. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO GOT THIS KIND OF TREATMENTS. I would sure like to know how you deal with it. I will never give up or in to my illnesses. This site has helped me in so many ways that I learned humbleness like never before. I appreciate the space to opine and vent.

    • asknod says:

      Yes, Robert. One(1) (un) (Uno)(nung) (ichi)(et) dose on April 12th, 2007@ 1017 hrs. By 1530 I was toast. My fever climbed to 104.5 until 2330. It took me three days to get my pants on facing forwards. Turns out the doctor overlooked the Crohns disease and other autoimmune issues and lit my cigarette with Napalm. It took three years to put out the fire. Now it’s started again. It was a private doctor so I hold the VA harmless except for screwing up the three surgeries. And the MRSA, And the septal infarction. And the Alloderm. And the hernias.

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