The Appeals Universe is a dangerous place to be for the novice. There are  Black Holes that can make appeals stretch out into light years. Just imagine being trapped in the Remand zone from the AMC!  That’s right, Joe Veteran.  And you sure don’t want to go there without your brand new, patented, CFC –36® Claims Flow Chart ° by Noodledude for the low, low price of just $39.95.  You’ll always know where you are with VA and where you’re heading with one of these. Comes in five exciting colors  with its very own faux leather carrying case. Get our new, improved, Windows 7 compatible  CFC–360®°° C color version with onboard GPS for accuracy to within a year for just $99.95 more!

That’s right. Take the guesswork out of your claim. Amaze your Vet friends. The new CFC–360 ® device is guaranteed accurate to within just one year! Enter your friends’ data, too. It has a universal claims USB input port. See who’s ahead!  Just think of the exciting new uses you can put this device to. Why, you can file innumerable claims and the CFC-360 can keep track of all of them simultaneously. No more bulky file cabinets and clutter on your desk! Fits comfortably right in your wallet. Instantly scans SOCs and SSOCs. Indicates exactly what to do! Take the worry out of VA claims. LED-like Form 9 indicators and 60-day suspense timer asterisks are available as an upgrade on color versions.

And if you call in the next ten minutes, we’ll double that offer and only charge you shipping and handling for the extra unit!   You heard me right. A free CFC–36!  We can’t offer these insane deals all day, so you’ll have to act now. Call 800-867-5309 in the next ten minutes and take advantage of this valuable offer. That’s 800-867-5309 for a good time.

°–Sorry. No group discounts available for VSOs and VA.

°°–Sorry. No group discounts available for VSOs and VA

BY  NOODLEDUDE®  Patent pending, Copywrite©

Offer does not impute any support of  a Political Party or Animal Rescue foundation. Does not include dealer prep. destination fees, energy surcharges, or state and local income taxes. All major credit,debit and library cards accepted.

Original posted long ago. (Claim chart also magnifies larger by clicking on it on this one)  https://asknod.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/claims-flow-chart-2011/

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