I just received this from RD who we have been “coaching” on his claim for what seems like several lifetimes with the VA. It comes as no surprise to see that VA is coming to the conclusion that no matter what they do, they end up further and further behind. What we will find is that Xerox will do it for less, more accurately and have a minuscule error rate if  they are ever audited.

Good day SIR. Hope your health is good. I went to VA in Houston today to check on appeals pending and received some interesting info. Apparently VA is seeing the writing on the wall from CA and the 9th circuit. I was told by a DAV supervisor that I have the highest respect for that Houston VARO has been selected for a “test” program to reduce the backlog in appeals. The story is that they are going to farm the developement process out to Zerox and then ship developed claims back to VA for a “speedy” up or down. The claim is they want to reduce the appeal process to 150 days. Have you heard anything along these lines,SIR? This gentleman has been a true champion of vets, unlike so many other”s I know. He told me I will be receiving the paperwork in 7 to 14 days. Will keep you posted. GOD BLESS AND GOOD HEALTH,SIR

I would ask WGM to ask his VSO, the Texas Department of Veterans Affairs , and more  pointedly, his able Service officer, if he has heard anything on this development. It bodes well for our plight if true.

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  1. randy says:

    Listened to Senate subcommitee last night from this month I believe and the guests were top of the heap from various departments. The push is on for filingss to be completed/or moved up the chain within 125 days. There was much emphasis placed on the “quality of life” issue but as far as I could tell no one really came up with a way to judge loss of quality of life. There was also much ado concerning the time line for adjudication within the aforementioned 125 days. I saw a good deal of talk and stroking of egos and very well mannered people with the thank yous and the atta boys becoming the norm. I saw no real ideas being brought to the forefront though as to how the VA and other entities involved are moving forward. Perhaps it is another dog and pony show but I am leaning more towards the thought of the VA is being handed it’s behind on the issue of PTSD and the huge backlog of determinations and they are looking for any ideas which might help them find a way to show positive results. Again, we shall see.

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