Nothing floats my boat like the realization of a long overdue rating after a series of snafus. By now, I’m sure a large number of you are aware of WGM’s unfortunate travails with the Houston RO. We are told that CUE is so rare that one hardly ever sees it anymore. We are told that our claims will be adjudicated in 187 days, but they would hope in the future to see it done in 125. In sum, we are told myriad things by the Agency entrusted with our welfare. Some true, some not. WGM chose to believe me and adopt my modified Dave Del Dotto cash flow system. It seems his faith was rewarded. He is now the recipient of $2924.00 for life.

Mr. M, using the Texas Department of Veterans Affairs, put up one of  the most  spirited, well-assembled  jet  gun claims on record. The VA ignored him and found conclusively that it was caused by STDs in service. This was their whizzbang doctor’s nexus, not Mr. M’s. Hell, he had four saying it was the jetguns. VA denied him in the face of all that based on STD’s being willful misconduct. Apparently in their haste to deny, they overlooked the fact that clap and tattoos aren’t Bozo No-Nos. A painful retraction was due after the filing of his NOD. Since they’d already stepped in it, they continued with the poop on the shoe and granted him SC. Unfortunately, they didn’t give him his two scoops of ice cream on the cone. Mr. M came back for remedial Asknod counseling  and then asked for an increase. Bingo.

WGM is in the same league as me and his health is not conducive to doing the Dolly Parton 9 to 5 routine. He more than meets the “near-constant debilitating symptoms” needing prescribed bed rest. Today he received his 100% rating -one month and sixteen days from filing. So of course we are all wondering here at the NOD command post if he’s going to ask for an earlier effective date.  It’s also time to start filing for the secondaries. That will be somewhat anticlimactic compared to getting his 100%. He joined the other 392,000  effective Nov. 2011.

I have WGM’s files here awaiting sanitary treatment but have been in the medical mode for most of January. I promise to put them up on their own posting such that Vets can download or obtain them soon.  They are a piece of work and that is a masterpiece of understatement.

If any of you in the Houston area are looking for a red hot VA representative for your claim, I would suggest you contact WGM and get the gentleman’s particulars. Better yet, move to Houston and ask him to rep. you.

Please, ladies and gentlemen Vets-a well-deserved round of applause for a man who followed the plan. It works. As impossible as it sounds, these techniques work. This is more fun than fishing with dynamite and it doesn’t cost as much.  Let me put that in perspective-it doesn’t cost you and me that much. It’s a whole different story for the boys down at Vermont Ave. NW in D.C.  There’s no joy in Mudville tonight. Mighty Uncle Victor struck out.

Here’s the original lowdown on WGM’s fight.


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