Bristol Meyers Touts New Oral Antiviral Treatment

Check this out. It’s hot. I know its still not the cat’s pajamas, but it will help someone in the interim. A true non-interferon is what I’ve been hoping and waiting for. The only problem is it can’t be something that incites my autoimmune hyperdrive motivator.


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2 Responses to Bristol Meyers Touts New Oral Antiviral Treatment

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    Good to know that big-pharma is actually looking for a cure for HCV. The VA, Health Dept., CDC yada, yada,, and the Health Insurance companies wouldn’t give HCV patients the time of day so we were stuck with a band-aid that can be lethal.

  2. randy says:

    I wonder if the VA will jump on this, laughing out loud typing that, or wait and see until 2015. I will donate my HCV for the cause and be first in line if they need new test subjects. Hoping that this is really going to work cause the Interferon is deadly.

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