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A member asked me if I still had my shot records from service. I said I didn’t. I lied. They were in between my helmet and my liner and they fell out when I felt compelled to separate them recently (I told you guys I’m a packrat). What he was asking about was if the shot record recorded the manufacturer and lot number of the vaccines used. I looked at  them all and could find none but found something even more amazing. I have never found any paper proof that I was ever “over the fence” in Laos. No orders. No ” Take the morning Klong flight to Vientiane”. Nothing. And right there in the medrecs is my cholera/Gamma Globulin shots right after my GSW transfusion. I couldn’t remember exactly what day it was other than late September 1970.

Check this out. The little white paper is from LS-20A which was Long Tieng Airpatch. The flight surgeon gave me the shots and put the stamp on it. The yellow book was kept in the U.S. Embassy at Vientiane. When I came back through, they transferred the shot record from the little white doomoflotchie to the yellow book. AIRA  was the abbreviation for Air Attache.

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