Here is a Vet from, like check it out, California. And he has this, like, you know, totally awesome homey from the hood he went to school with. Anyway, dude, he got this guy to help him with his claim, like, and they worked on it almost, wow like 4 years but they lost. Bummer, huh? He was way gung ho and in the Army with medals and stuff, and he got the hep. from it. But the VA gave him the shaft and, like he’s not gonna be buyin’ the brewskis this week ’cause he’s totally broke. Like he thought he was gonna score big with his claim so he blew his roll last week. His buddy works for this Veterans place and they told him he was good to go so he can’t figure it out. He filled out the form to file with the government and he still lost. Go figure, huh?

Win plan:

File claim

Kick back


File F-9

Kick back


And then what?

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