More for Veteran’s Wives

Here I thought I had put paid to the praying mantis with her matching handbag. When what should my wondering eyes behold? Why, a feral cat who showed up here starving on Labor Day weekend. She took a long time to gentle and still refuses to come inside or sleep indoors. Ambush lies in wait and pounces on your leg as you go by. You have to shake her off literally sometimes. The dogs have made peace with her. She moved into the barn and is earning her keep on mice abatement. I’ve never had a totally black cat. If it’s bad luck for one to cross your path, everyone around here is due for a stretch of about 100 years.

Today Cupcake noticed her eyes are the same color (or pretty close) to the handbag. That, of course, required it to be promptly digitally immortalized  . She says the color is “celery”. I say it’s electric guacomole. Ladies, today I give you Kitty… with matching handbag.

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