Cupcake and I are celebrating our twenty fourth anniversary today so I will be out. I apologize for no intriguing post about the shortcomings of the VA system this afternoon.

A short aside to you male Vets out there. When scheduling a marriage, it is important to do it near or after a prestigious day like February 15th, July 5th, December 8th, or December 26th. The reasoning being that it’s much easier to remember the date of the anniversary and have flowers on the magic day for pun’kin. She’ll think you actually remembered on your own without any prompting from her. I don’t personally advise using Easter, Labor day or post-Thanksgiving for this. Veteran’s Day is pretty much right out, too.

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2 Responses to OUT TO LUNCH

  1. Robert G says:

    Happy anniversary brother!! A hard woman is a good thing to find…

  2. cdneh says:

    Happy Anniversary 🙂

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