Independent Living Program

Dang. I just got turned down by VA for a new computer, a greenhouse and a sewing machine. This is available to those of us who are never going to work again. It’s called the Independent Living Program or ILP for short. It’s administered by the Voc Rehab component of the VA Gestapo. Okay, I didn’t expect they’d pop for the Singer, but I figured I could get the greenhouse based on all the chow I take down to the food bank. As for the computer, well, this site is important. I mentioned it, too. Apparently the VA doesn’t care about poor hungry people (including Vets). As for the computer, they don’t feel it will contribute to my well-being. I suppose Drew Carey and The Price is Right is more their idea of mental pablum. As I am in a rural setting and my neighbors are almost out of .22 range, I figured I had a pretty good shot at it. Seems I was mistaken. I had to pester them to even tell me I lost. They did rock, paper and scissors and Kris rocked to paper, so he called. He says “you know” too much. As in, ” Well, Mr. Noodle, we, ah, you know, looked at this long and hard, you know, and the feeling was like, you know, will it ah, improve the independent aspect you know, of the ah, ability for you to be like, you know, independent.” 

    Another NOD to file. I asked him if he was going to mail a denial so I could file a disagreement. He said yeah, but that I would have to supply new and material evidence if I was going to file the NOD. I asked what part of 38 CFR ILP was located in. It took Khristopher Columbus about 3 or 4 minutes to come up with the correct regulation. This is all he does for VA and he doesn’t even know where his authority emanates from?  I thought this kind of stupidity was a thing of the past. What happened to a Grateful Nation providing for the Vet’s creature comforts?. Jez, I’m at 150% now and if I win my back claim, that’ll put me over top for the SMC-S rate. I’m low risk for all the other stuff. I have my wheelchair and walker. I ADA’d my house when I built it and the hallways are all 4 feet wide. The fact that I am housebound and chained to a water closet seems to be immaterial to these guys. 
     I use my wife’s computer when she’s out showing houses to do all this. For some insane reason, I thought I might get a sympathetic ear from the VA bozos at Voc Rehab. Maybe they read this site and decided a denial might end AskNod as well. I doubt that. VA has its moments but I severely doubt they could be bothered by us. We haven’t put a hole in their bottom line like Leroy Macklem did to Uncle Eric last year. He smoked them for a judgement all the way back to 1950. Sweet, Leroy. Shinseki’s still seeing red over that one.
     Some Vets try to shoot the moon with an ILP request. We’re talking John Deere tractors with all the attachments. Hell, all I wanted was a new laptop and some new software. I guess I’ll have to ask Santaseki for it in my NOD. Onwards through  the fog. Vote for Oat Willie. And yes. I have the forms to apply for the ILP gig if everyone wants to inundate them before Christmas.

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3 Responses to Independent Living Program

  1. Asknod, you are a genius. Your posts are always informative, well written, and funny. I just wanted to say thanks for doing all that you do, it brightens my day and I’m sure countless other vets days as well. I salute you!!

    • asknod says:

      Thank you very much. I enjoy writng and gardening. I also enjoy eating pesticide-free food. Two years of a steady diet of AO and AB wrecked my GI tract.

  2. Kelly Clark says:

    Oat Willie… wow. Almost forgot about that. Same timeframe as the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers…. and my all-time fave, Hungry Chuck Biscuits.

    Willie sure was a thoughtful guy.

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