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And here is the address of the BVA home page-

 The BVA has recently changed it’s e-address and search parameters. I’ve put up the new search bar  (5/10/2022) but strongly suggest you play with the new system. I’m praying it will not be user unfriendly when researching old decisions to discern a certain pattern of adjudicating claims.

You will find this tool very useful if regulations have changed over the years from the inception of these BVA decisions in 1992. I find it extremely useful to see how Diagnostic Codes were used “back in the day” if I’m studying a CUE claim. All too often, you find a 2019 rater using 2019 Diagnostic code on a 1978 rating which was entirely different and more permissive in that era. Tinnitus is a good point- the old DC 6260 was recurrent= 10%. New is “constant and remarkable”.



  1. Well Nod…I finally finished my claims w/the VA BVA and RO. They finally settled on TDIU all the way back to 14. SMC Only 20% on the Hep C. Kind of weird huh.

  2. woodguy11 says:

    I have 2 claims granted by the BVA and now the RO wants more tests done . I guess the BVA is wrong about the grants. Can they do this?

    • asknod says:

      BVA grants and then the RO does a c&P to determine the ratings %. Then they pay you and you file a new NOD to get a higher ratings %. Welcome to the hampster wheel.

      • woodguy11 says:

        Thanks Alex….I now have appointments for them both by the contractor in Seattle. One for wed. another for a sat. This driving is going to kill me. Yesterday I drove to Monroe for a blood draw for the hep a and hep c… I no longer have the C but when I filed I did. It is now getting interesting on this dam hampster wheel. They gave me 30% for the transplant and there are secondary problems from the transplant. I will file a NOD for all 3. Thanks for the help ,I hope this will be the end of it .

        • HCVets says:

          One of the things that alarms me, knowing the VA the way I do, the fact that you are hep C free in your liver… is not quit true for the liver and for other body organs such as heart, brain, lymph and spinal systems. Although they say the viral load is so low, it doesn’t matter, I find very little research to support that opinion. Heart disease is a big problem for patients. IMO, knowing what your actual viral load for those reservoirs may keep VA from calling you cured and reducing your rating. Seems the C&P would be a good place to document that if you ever need it.

  3. woodguy11 says:

    How do you delete some of your posts? I am embarrassed by some of mine

  4. woodguy11 says:

    How long is Hep-A virus contagious? Can you catch it from drinking from the same bottle after a person who just got released from hospital for Hep-A? All this shit is coming back a little at a time. Memory lapse

  5. woodguy11 says: This is a win where the guy had Hep-A and C together.

  6. Tyler Burton says:

    have a question fellas. was diagnosed in 2005, hcv, and I was just recently awarded 70 PTSD, secondary opiate use disorder due to MST. My hcv was a direct result of my self medicating. Will nexus be hard to prove for secondary condition?

    • asknod says:

      Not at all. The BVA has hundreds of cases of HCV secondary to self-medication granted. search it at the BVA decisions site. I think I’ve published quite a few here in BVA hep decisions.

      • Tyler Burton says:

        are there any pitfalls I have to be aware of? Tattoos, unprotected sex, for example.

        • asknod says:

          You will need a nexus letter (Independent Medical Opinion or IMO) stating the cause of the HCV is due to self-medicating. Your psychiatrist can supply it. If he is unwilling to (due to being employed by VA) you will have to obtain one from an outside source. As for tattoos or unprotected sex, if it occurred after service in the intercurrent period, the psychiatrist or doctor would have to explain why they would be more significant risk factors than IV drug use or intranasal cocaine sharing of straws.

        • Tyler! Asknod has published and it’s available herein termed; Nexus Bible Fifth Revision, YOU should truly download and print out and meditate upon same, seriously.

  7. woodguy11 says:

    I hear ya. Thanks again.

  8. woodguy11 says:

    well …got my C-file and it is like 5 encyclopidias what?

  9. ray says:

    I just started a denied claim for hep-c .I have already had a transplant .I first started out with the portland VA with on luck. Then I went to The University of Washington and was accepted there. I started a claim in 2000 then was denied so I just said I didnt want to mess with the Gov. So I let it go. Now I find out I could have appealed.Anyway, I now have an attorney to do this for me .I got my PTSD but I wanted the claim for Hep-c. I had to motgage my house for said transplant because the Portland VA said it would be a year and I didn’t have that long.I was wondering if the VA would re= refund me monies I used for the TRansplant?

    • asknod says:

      Ain’t gonna happen, Ray. VA might be willing to extend Equitable relief if (and a big if) you did get SC for the HCV. Have you thought about tying it to the PTSD as a secondary (drug addiction) causing it? That’s the only viable alternative I see without perusing the case and the evidence. Good luck though without that sounding too judgemental. We’re here to help.

      • ray says:

        so you are say I should admit to being a drug user while in Nam. There is another way I could have gotten it and that was when I got medivaced to the hospital ship off the coast of danang . they treated me for an open wound and did not wash hands going from one guy to the next

        • Hard to PROVE that aspect/incident Ray.

          • woodguy11 says:

            Thanks for the info…there are other risk factors such used IV drug 1nce, sex w/ prostitute and blood from wounded brother. The IV one was a one time thing and 2 weeks later I ended up in the hospital for Hep-A. It could not have been that because I got a blood test 20 years later and there were no Hep a antigens detected. It had to be Hep B or C, What do you think?

            • SPrice says:

              That’s right Woodguy,

              If you have medical records saying that you were seen for symptoms of hepatitis (like being yellow, dark urine, fever, etc) and you have a negative test for hep A that means that what you had was either hep B or Hep C.

      • ray says:

        Plus I have read about two or three cases just like mine and they got ok’d for disability

      • woodguy11 says:

        thanks I’m sure we all could use a little help……I could but not good at story telling…I have to go to a cj hearing …don’t know what that is. Once you have claim awarded to you cdan they take it away?

      • woodguy11 says:

        well nod it looks like they are denying most hep-c claims

  10. Gio says:

    that is correct we never give any info on veterans personnel record to anyone one !

  11. dan says:

    what month are they on? Mine is November 2011

    • dan says:

      Not Hep C but my BVA case is Nov 2011

    • asknod says:

      Dan, It all depends on when your case was certified at your local Regional Office (VARO). When you send in your last filing to appeal called the Form 9, it normally takes about a year before there is room for it at the BVA. Thus there is a large “out basket” holding a ton of claims awaiting transmittal. The latest I have heard was a certified claim in May 2011 was heard May 2012. If your claim sat for a year at the RO before transmittal to DC, I would expect to see some decision by November 2013. Shooting in the dark, We all pray it’s sooner but you know VA by now if you’re this far along.

      • woodguy11 says:

        Hey Alex, Ray here. Does the RO send you a letter notifying you that your case is in route to DC. Hope you are doing well Thanx

        • asknod says:

          Well, if you have an agent/attorney, yes. If a VSO, it all depends if the VA even tells him. Eventually you hear from the BVA on evidence cut off date.

          • woodguy11 says:

            Yea…it said 90 days to submit anymore evidence . Then it will be another year till a hearing. Guess i’ll go on a round about and do some protesting. At least Trump gave the VA a 6% increase. Better than nothing. C-ya Ray

  12. Gio says:

    I am hearing asknod that the congress in seattle are pretty upset about that the VA office is the most worst place to process VA Claims correct me if I am wrong and they are working on the problems but they all may the sign of the cross first. Gio

  13. Gio says:

    Amen to that Gio

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