Here’s the press release which shows the numbers. I think it’s on Amazon .com and Barnes and Noble, too. Will update this page as I find out. It’s showtime.

Press Release


Amazon Hard copy and Kindle:

Barnes and Noble paperback.

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  1. Robert says:


    Sir, Im a 100% disabled Vet, and I wanted to ask you some questions about your book. Could you please email me? Thanks.

  2. mitch says:

    This is a very informative book and if you are working through the VA disability process I would highly recommend that you purchase it. The VA keeps the appeals process deliberately confusing and difficult to discourage you. This book will provide you with the answers to your questions and a road map to be successful.

    I was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out to be an easy read and now I have it highlighted and several pages flagged. It has changed my appeal from stumbling around in the dark trying to figure things out to having a clear plan and some confidence.

    Thanks for your efforts Mr. Nod

  3. markworthen says:

    Excellent book mr. nod.

    I bought the book from your publisher, which was a quick and easy transaction (unlike so many Internet sales), and I will henceforth recommended your text to Veterans I know and meet, as well as on my little blog (http://PTSD

    Btw, I always enjoy reading your entertaining, humorous, and informative blog posts. I sometimes don’t understand the nuances of veterans law and VA policies and procedures that you describe, but perhaps I am not alone in that regard. ;^]

    So few blogs employ eloquent, amusing prose–yours is a notable exception.

    All the Best,


  4. albert jarrell says:

    i have a letter from a buddy that pulled guard duty with me will this help with my appeal, also i did stop by way of commercial air line at danang afb for a short time period on the way to thailand if anyone can help me contact me.

    • Richard says:

      I landed in Saigon AFB on my way to Thailand and on the way back to the world, both times got out of the commercial air line for about 10-15 mi9nutes

    • Richard says:

      I landed in Saigon AFB on my way to Thailand and on the way back to the world, both times got out of the commercial air line for about 10-15 minutes

  5. albert jarrell says:

    i to served at takhli afb in 1967 i pulled guard duty an was denied disiability, for diabetes do to agent orange. can anyone help me to prove that i pulled guard how do you find the guard duty roster

  6. Phillip Flatt says:

    I have prostate cancer and Ischemic heart Disease

  7. phillip flatt says:

    Guard duty on Camp Friendship Korat Thailand. I also was a E2 through E4 for the year 1967 and pulled guard duty near the perimeter several times and manned defensive position during alerts near the perimeter. Are there others out there that recall their duties as the same. I was in the 379th Signal Battalion.

  8. FWOtash says:

    arriving at Udorn 7THRRFS as a PFC I had to pull gurad duty on the ground or in the tower until I made E4. So for about the first 5 months there I pulled such gurad duty at least on 4 or 5 occassion.s The towers were alont the perimeter as I recall, and on the ground withinh the secured ops bldg with its own perimeter which was also close the the outer perimeter. Bottom line was that if ya stood in the exact center of the place hyou still were within around 100 yards of the perimeter. Hell the NCO club was near those and bunkers along the perimeter. I hope someone else confirms PFCs pulling gurad duty along perimeter at Udorn ASA field station

    • asknod says:

      Everyone (E-2, E-3) in the AF had augmentation duty for a month on arrival in 1970 at Udorn. They didn’t have enough SPs for the job.

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