Sorry for the delay in getting this up.

This show I’d like to throw in a BVA argument that will be used to illustrate my particular way of laying it out for the Judges.

Everyone has a theory. Everyone has a technique. Some say brevity is the watchword. Some don’t. I try to make it easy for the Judge and his little people for a good reason. If they don’t have to go look all these events/dates up, they can concentrate on the law. So you provide the law in the Legal Landscape. Once that’s done, you tell your story and bring in the history. Where a regulation has been ignored, you indicate using ________ supra meaning “above” in your legal cites. Et Cetera. Listen in. John and Ray I think are hosting.

Redact filed 10182 3.25.2023

will take you to the show via computer or

(515) 605-9764

for our less electronically inclined/gifted.

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