This is rich. Humorous rich. Laugh so hard it makes your head hurt rich. Congress is asking Vets for their opinion on whether VA is disciplining their employees commensurately with their poor performance. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? What discipline? The idea that if a Veterans Service Center Manager at the Fort Harrison, Montana steps on his necktie and denies a Vet unjustly, that his promotion to Central Office in DC will be a demotion with horrible financial consequences?

Congress means well, I’m sure. Their way of ascertaining the pulse of Veterans is just odd if they think taking a page from the Human Resources playbook will give them insight on this. Today I read in the paper here in “the other” Washington (state) that the new initiative allowing marijuana may not bring in as much tax money as they forecast. For $65,000.00 dollars, the study concluded that the black market might continue to grow pot because of the exorbitant taxes (25% at each of three tiers) might deter legitimate buyers and send them looking for the untaxed pot.

We have Indian reservations here in Washington. They are famous for a) cheap fireworks that are far more lethal than legal ones; b) cheaper gas; and lastly c) cheaper cigarettes. The reason is simple -taxes-or the lack thereof. Putting this into context, Congress asking us for advice is extremely humorous or an excuse to make us think they value our opinions. Should we laugh or frown?

Congress and VA couldn’t really give a hoot what we think. They d0 set up neat little web sites that purport to solicit opinions. Call them  electronic community suggestion boxes. My favorite is  VA’s  Vantage Point. Just for humor, go on their site and ask to put up a guest blog opinion. Rots a Ruck, GI.

I see Maj. General Robert Worley (USAF Ret.) put up a lovely post on all the wonders that lie at our fingertips. Bob and I went to school together in the mid-sixties at Hampton Roads Academy down in Virginia. My dad left for Vietnam and I went on to Vermont Academy. Bob’ dad took my father’s place as Vice Commander of 7th AF at Tan Son Nhut and was shot down and killed about five months later in 1968 north of Da Nang. I find it odd to think of Bob working at VA. Perhaps he can enlighten us how to extract Independent Living Program funds to severely disabled Vets. It’s still a bonafide mystery how to accomplish this.

Public opinion polls are a double-edged sword. They may seem innocuous when posited but often elicit more questions than they answer. Congress want our opinion. I suggest you give it to them in frank terms. I’m sure it will find its way to the electronic circular file but you knew that. Right?


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