Wilco Farm Stores

While shopping at the new Wilco store in Gig Harbor, Washington where I live, I was pleased to find that they offer a 10% discount to Veterans. I mention this because I always patronize stores which offer this above others that don’t. They are also proactive and ask you if you are rather than wait to be asked. I like that. We get the short end of the stick from an agency created to serve us so it’s always a joy to get an unexpected reward from the private sector. Besides, Wilco has a nice military ring to it as in “will comply”. Give them your business if you would. At the risk of sounding like a male chauvinist pig, the gals who work there are very attractive (mentally). They helped me find everything in short order and it was an unexpectedly pleasurable shopping experience.

Above is the only picture of my Father and my Uncle Jay I have. Dad and Uncle Jay didn’t socialize much after WW2. He retired as a Lt. General (USAF) in 1975 and my Uncle Jay, as I mentioned in a prior blog, was a guest of the Japanese government for 3 years following his completion of the 97 klic Bataan Marathon ( see Jay Claire Warner- 1916-1989- An American Veteran). He soured on the whole military thing after his POW experience.  I forgot the dog’s name.

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