Krispy Kreme–The Veteran’s Friend

I have discovered something very valuable to Veterans that they need to know. There are many corporations that show their appreciation to you as a Veteran by granting a discount upon presentation of your DEERS ID card. I don’t know if they grant this to those of you with just a VAMC ID card but I would hope so.

My knowledge of this began a year or more ago at Home Depot when the clerk saw my card and said  “Whoa. Cowboy! 10% off”. I had no idea. She informed me this applied equally to active duty or retired Vets w/ 20 years. They have the card, too. This led to the discovery that Lowe’s offered it as well. This P&T thing was starting to pay off even away from the PX/commissary.

Last fall while rummaging through my wallet for  9 and some change for a dozen raised glazed, the young lady said “Excuse me sir but your military ID entitles you to a discount so I’ll just recompute that and take the 15% off.” Well, this was too cool for school. A dozen of America’s best donuts had just gotten $1.48 cheaper. When did this happen? Why don’t they advertise this? Can I apply for a retroactive refund?

As a matter of course, I ask everywhere now. Cabela’s offers 5% which is nice as I’m an avid sportsman. I’m a little under the weather for hunting now but I love their outerwear.  And who besides Jack in the Box down near Joint Base Lewis McChord on Pacific Ave. South should offer 10%? No one. Arbys, McDonalds and Burger King all decline to offer this to America’s finest.  That’s an insult to us. I have had Vets come back from Iraq telling me BK had set up at some of the bases there as well as Mickey D’s. How is it we give them a foot in the door for profit over there and they decline to remunerate us here at home? I suggest you voice your indignity loudly at the counter where the patrons behind you can hear. Better yet, vote with your feet, walk out and go to JITBox.

I find it never hurts to ask. I don’t do it to embarrass or coerce establishments into something for nothing or a reduced price. Obviously, there are responsible corporations that comprehend good business practices. The mere offer of a small discount to the 8% of Americans who have offered up their lives in service to their country can be a powerful public relations tool. Vets talk to other Vets. As a minority smaller than Blacks and Hispanics and only slightly larger than Asians, we naturally interact with one another once identified. Communicating how to be frugal and take advantage of a proffer from these corporations is natural for us.  Look no further than this post.

I take advantage of anything I can to save money. I think I speak for the 99% here. We’re in a pretty rough spot economically in America now and finding a station selling gas for 10¢ a gallon less than their competitors always prompts me to tell friends, employees and relatives. It’s human nature, I suppose.  As for the aforementioned corporations, they appear to have a strong incentive to help Veterans. Altruism? Maybe, but the fact that we communicate this knowledge to other Vets is bound to help their bottom line. It’s like a blue light special at K Mart. Marketers call it the Loss/Leader phenomenon. Get a shopper in the door for an advertised special and they’ll buy other things resulting in a profit that far outstrips the loss of profit on the special. The same applies for us. I’m telling you about this although I suspect most know. However, the Krispy Kreme connection is too good not to share in the event you don’t. I hope all of you start supporting them and they make tons of money because I have ulterior motives.  They can hire more people and build more stores.  And hopefully this time they’ll build one closer than 38 friggin’ miles away from my house on the other side of the toll bridge.

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2 Responses to Krispy Kreme–The Veteran’s Friend

  1. asknod says:

    Ah, the devil in the details. It all sounds so good on paper. As we all know, one thing is inevitably true. Any program with a focus towards helping others is inextricably saddled with administrative costs which diminish the amount left for the intended cause. Witness the “religious” organizations who ask for your donations. Many of their hierarchy have fancy jets and cars. I don’t think BK would divert the money to their own coffers, per se, but I feel a lot is lost in the minutiae of overhead. What could be simpler and more cost effective than to deliver the savings directly to the intended party without any administrative costs? I admire what they are doing, but we all know some of the donation is being siphoned off. How much and to whom is the question.

  2. SquidlyOne says:


    (October 31, 2011) Kansas City, MO: The Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation is proud to announce that for the fifth consecutive year, participating Burger King® Restaurants will be raising funds for the VFW’s Unmet Needs Program throughout the month of November through the annual Burger King® Unmet Needs Fundraiser. Over 1,200 Burger King® Restaurants have participated since 2007 and have raised over $1.3 million in support of the program. Burger King® customers are encouraged to donate $1 or more at participating locations across the country as the proceeds will help military families in need pay for essentials such as rent/mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, vehicle repairs and food.
    “Burger King® Restaurants are proud to support America’s military families and we appreciate the support of all of our great customers in assisting those who have sacrificed so much for our country,” said Burger King® Franchisee Owner and VFW Foundation Board Member Mike DeRosa. “We look forward to this year being the most successful yet.”

    Not trying to advertise, just don’t want people to avoid BK right now! Being a military family is a tough life especially the newbies who are not non-comms yet. 🙂

    I would settle for jobs personally. I am not one to frequent fast food joints or donut shops. Quite a few good quality restuarants give senior citizen discounts and veteran discounts. I always ask anyway. Defense contractors believe it or not are not always Veteran friendly for jobs. Some of the big corps and even Federal Agencies discriminate against disabled veterans. Right now Walmart gets an “F” for hiring disabled veterans. Also the DOI gets a D minus…I call ’em as I see ’em

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