Always in search of oldies that may help Vets accomplish a claim, I constantly run across weird things I saved from SEA and old flight maps. The ones we had were leftovers from when the French controlled the Indochinese peninsula (Laos, Cambodia and what is now all of Vietnam).  I can’t believe I have some of this. My wife says I’m a packrat and I’m beginning to believe her.  All I remember bringing back was a bunch of guns.

The white circle is the operating location and the line tells you which way the runway aligns. Muong Soui’s paralleled Route 7 just to the south.  Route 7 goes from Hanoi to Vientiane. Still does. Route 71 branches off to the north to Luang Prabang  (L-54).  Moung Soui is in the northwest corner of the famed Plane of Jars.

 L-108 traded hands quite frequently. We owned it during the monsoon ( August to January) and lost it every winter. My brain is starting to go. I think UNF stood for Unknown Nationality of Forces or else it was Unsafe for Navigable Flight.  We never paid too much attention to that column.

Flying is a hazardous business as you can see.

Lima Site 20 Alpha-Long Tieng. This was home from 7/70 to 11/70. We called the Karst limestone hills at the end of the runway the titty karsts. We also referred to them as the vertical speed breaks. Runway was Laterite 1100 feet. 3120 ASL, Approach and Departure freq. was 119.1 mhz. The only major base with a unidirectional runway. A C-123 hit it in 69. The reason you don’t see any weeds around the runway is because the Hmong children used bleach bottle scoops and poured AO undiluted all over the approach and the parking aprons.  That would explain why I have PCT. I bet there’s still nothing growing there. I’d also bet every one of those kids are dead, too.

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