I am always amazed at the entries in the excuse book for how a Vet got infected with HCV. I say excuse in the sense of a disenfranchised Vet- i.e. one who has been denied and will never attain SC for it. We here at AskNod thought we had heard them all. My all-time favorite was  the one where the stateside Vet had been infected by returning Vietnam Vets because he drank from the same water tanks as them. Eating contaminated feces was another wild tale. This one is not inherently incredible, but lacks something besides the fact that we all know it’s against the law to do this and get remuneration. My daddy said “Excuses are for entertainment purposes only. They serve no useful purpose beyond that other than to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.”

With that, I leave you to contemplate the idea that one’s superiors would consciously attempt to coerce you into drug abuse on a fairly regular basis…

In this case, in statements and testimony, the appellant contends that his hepatitis infections were caused by his use of intravenous drugs (heroin and cocaine) beginning during his period of initial active duty for training in the Army National Guard.  He explains that, immediately after his basic training, higher ranked personnel introduced him to heroin and cocaine, and that he felt peer pressure to partake.  He contends that the Medical Board findings concerning a history of intravenous narcotics use that began at age 16 (prior to service) were a lie. The appellant testified that he attended detoxification three times during that first period of training, and that he continued using illicit drugs until 2009.  He testified that he was first diagnosed with hepatitis in 1994 or 1998.

Take about one hundred of these filings out of the system and I’m willing to bet jurisprudence would accelerate like those defrag programs they sell called

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