Nha Trang City

Attached here are a few of pics you have sent me.  I’m sure it will either bring back fond memories or nightmares. It’s been almost 60 years for the earliest pioneers and as little as 50 for me. Enjoy it because you were young then and bulletproof. Enjoy it now because you survived it.

Rocket City Airpatch (Bien Hoa) Control tower.

Rocket City Airpatch (Bien Hoa) Control tower.


Phu Cat on downwind leg.


I have to change these out because some of the links died. If you have photos you wish to share here, please send them to and I’ll be glad to mention you name/outfit and anything else. We don’t advertize here or sell data. No Russian wives. Sorry.

Here’s a link to a lot of pics taken the day Saigon fell. Many are mislabled. Here’s an AirAm chopper (N1304A)  labeled  as  a   USMC.


  1. Julia Encalade says:

    Hello, I am the Harrison County VSO. I am in the process of helping a surviving spouse for DIC. Her husband was stationed at Don Muang AFB during the time AO was used. He worked in the warehouse/supplies and handled local purchases. His record also shows he posted updates on the flight line. I am needing photos of this base. And cannot find the layout of the base. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    • asknod says:

      Dear Julia, due to the extensive presence of Thai Military as well as their police presence in Bangkok International Airport/(Don Muang RTAFB), no tactical herbicides were ever employed there. The city encroached so closely to the airfield, there was very little (if any) vegetation that required abatement. Additionally, due to the admonitions of the Monarchy as well as promises by 7th/13th AF to refrain from any usage of true Agent Orange herbicides, attempting to obtain service connection for AO at Don Muang might prove futile. I applaud your attempt to obtain DIC for the widow but I severely doubt you would find any who could provide lay testimony or buddy letters to support the claim. I use Google Earth frequently to obtain pictures of the current appearance of Thai airbases to contrast with their contemporary appearance in the late 60’s early 70’s. I do, however, wish you the best of luck. If you use a good search bar, I suspect you could find period photographs of the base.

    • David says:

      Type in on goggle Connection between Agent Orange and Don Muang AFB and you will find the positive answer to AO and Thailand…I realize this is late info but hope you get it.

  2. go to my FB page then click on photos then albums then click on scrapbook photos ; —- also you can go to FB site for — 299th Combat Engineer Battalion & go to photos there are a lot there too. Combat Engineers Lead the Way, The Great 299th — the PROVEN PIONEERS

  3. usastruck says:

    You want VN photos visit my blog:
    Rob Struck
    Charlie Troop 1/9th (Blues 1970-71)

  4. Kiedove says:

    16K more! I don’t see the where I can search within this collection alone–other than tags in the classic view.

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