Nha Trang City

Attached here is the link to a lovely color collection of pictures of virtually every airpatch from An Khe to Ban Me Thuot. I’m sure it will either bring back fond memories or nightmares. It’s been almost 60 years for the earliest pioneers and as little as 43 for me. Enjoy it because you were young then and bulletproof. Enjoy it now because you survived it.

Rocket City Airpatch (Bien Hoa) Control tower.

Rocket City Airpatch (Bien Hoa) Control tower.


Phu Cat on downwind leg.

And a thousand more.

Here’s all the US sites on Google maps:


5 Responses to VIETNAM IN PICTURES (1954-75)

  1. go to my FB page then click on photos then albums then click on scrapbook photos ; —- also you can go to FB site for — 299th Combat Engineer Battalion & go to photos there are a lot there too. Combat Engineers Lead the Way, The Great 299th — the PROVEN PIONEERS

  2. usastruck says:

    You want VN photos visit my blog:
    Rob Struck
    Charlie Troop 1/9th (Blues 1970-71)

  3. Kiedove says:

    16K more! I don’t see the where I can search within this collection alone–other than tags in the classic view.

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